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Decided to redo the masterlist, make it look a little nicer.

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn

Running with the Boys - It was a man's world, and girls weren't allowed to play.
Janus - Tsuna has 7 guardians, thank you very much.
Schizophrenia - Tsuna sees people who aren't really there.
Bail - Once again Tsuna spends a Saturday afternoon bailing Hibari out of jail.
The Man Hunt - Haru dresses like a tree to catch a pervert, and Tsuna gets dragged into it too.
Girl's Night - Chrome get's invited on a girl's night out, and realizes she doesn't know what that means.
Genesis - He's twelve years old when his mother teaches him how to fire a rifle.
Werewolves of Namimori - Hibari Kyoya is a werewolf.

Morality Ends Where a Gun Begins - Reborn (currently broken)
The Prodigal Son - Tsuna
Long Road to Ruin - Mukuro
Walking Talking Babydoll - Chrome
Bad Kids - Vongola

Sherlock (BBC)

Supernova - Sherlock is bright and he is brilliant.
Man (I feel like a woman) - One morning, quite inexplicably, Sherlock turns in to a woman.

I Crack the Codes - Sherlock
The Nature of My Game - Moriarty
Maybe I Won't Die Alone - John/Sherlock


Death By Facsimile - Mike is terrible with technology and the fax machine is out to kill him.
The Florid Florist - WIP florist!AU fill (link goes to suitsmeme)

Gen Mixes can be found at [ profile] robbing_banks.
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I went ahead and made a DW account, even though I am deeply unhappy with the thought of moving, just so I could make sure I'd get my name.

I guess if you have a DW add me there as StraightRhodes. I'm not sure if I'll use the account at all though because as I said before, pretty much everything about DW's design offends my sense of aesthetics. Plus I really hate the idea of learning how to use yet another site. I've just gotten the hang of Tumblr.
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I hate the new lj 'update' so much I'm literally about to cry. The comment pages are completely useless now, and also have the joyous effect of giving me a migraine. But since lj seems determined to stick it's head in the sand what can I do? My comms are already discussing moving to DW, but I don't want to move to DW because I find it incredibly ugly, like super seriously ugly, like I cannot understate it's ugliness. Not to mention I have months left of paid here but no money to spend on paid at DW. Plus I just don't want to move to DW. I really fucking hate the idea of moving to DW.

I had no stress in my life before this update; I got good grades this semester, finished two incomplete courses, finally paid off my credit card debt. Everything was going good for me. Now lj pulled this crap and instant stress.

If you manage to comment I applaud you.
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Ummmmmmmm I just wanted to let you know I'm alive.... Basically the end of the semester is killing me. Ugh.

I plan to be back around next week though, so don't worry :D
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\\ I'm pretty much feeling better. Or at least I no longer feel like I'm gonna keel over from climbing the stairs a couple times.

\\ Something that is not better however is my knee. After Thanksgiving I'm going to make an appointment with a physical therapist. It's weird some days it hurts more than others :/

\\ Speaking of Thanksgiving. We will be heading to my Grandmother's on Wednesday. Once again I will be without Internet or Cellphone reception (unless I drive for half an hour in any direction)(seriously it's a half-hour drive to get any reception)

I kinda know that this is going to be a tear-jerker of a holiday because you know, it's the first since my mom died, and we're going to see my mom's family. So there will be a lot of crying all around, for everyone. And then when we go to leave my Grandmother will be sure to lay the guilt on as thickly as possible. (Although I do deserve some of it because I really do not call as much as I should)

\\ School is sucking. It's the end of the semester though so that's not a surprise. I have a lot to do over Thanksgiving weekend. And yes, I'm totally going to be using schoolwork to avoid my family.

\\ Been using Tumblr a lot more recently. I'm starting to enjoy it. It took me a while to get used to it though. I'll still be on here a lot though. Basically Tumblr will be for shorter posts and rebloging. LJ will still be my journal and my main platform for writing.

My tumblr for those interested is: HERE

\\ Thinking about going to see Tower Heist tomorrow. I heard it's funny. Has anyone seen it?
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|| I meant to update like three days ago, oops.

|| So last week I had the flu to end all flues. I missed an entire week of classes I was so sick. Even now I'm still congested.

|| I got a little update of The Florid Florist posted. I would work on it more but school is kicking my ass with all the papers D: Plus I'm trying to work on my fic for the Suits X-mas exchange.

|| Yeah, now I'm tired.... More Later!!!
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I should probably be getting ready and shit.

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|| I should be doing my term paper on Hokusai, but instead I am procrastinating! Fuck yeah!

|| Halloween! I passed out candy BUT WE RAN OUT 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF TRICK OR TREATING! I BOUGHT OVER 300 PIECES. And now there is no left over candy :C

|| Suggest Tumblr blogs for me to follow. I'm starting to get the hang of tumblr but would like more to explore. Ya'll know what's relevant to my interests, lol.

|| So I ended up spending 120 dollars on a new radio for my car, which suuucksss, but it does sound awesome, so yay?

|| SugoiCon this weekend. I'M REALLY NOT PREPARED.

|| Hawaii Five-0 tonight was pretty good but my dislike for Lori has only solidified. I think it's a combination of poor writing and poor acting, which basically just means there is nothing to redeem her at all.

|| There was something else. I know there was something else, but now I can't think of it, grrr.

|| Okay, I might have had a bit of that Halloween candy myself, and then some soda to wash it down. I FEEL SO HYPER!
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So apparently the guy who owned the car before me spilt soda on the radio and then decided to sell the car without telling the dealer. I had to buy a new stereo. Still love my car but this is kind of a downer :/

Oh well, sometimes shit happens.
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I have a car!! It's a 2000 Subaru Outback. I'm kinda completely in love with it.

One problem, it has a Clarion stereo and I can't figure it out :/
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|| So my knee still really fucking hurts. Not only that but it pops a lot when I walk and every now and then it just feels like it gets all week. I'm afraid to climb stairs because it especially acts funky then and I'm scared of falling. I've been putting off starting physical therapy because I thought it might heal by itself, but I'm pretty much convinced now that it won't. I guess I'll have to start looking in to some therapists. But OMG I don't wanna.

|| So other than my knee being a bitch I'm doing ok. I'm not sick anymore so that's good. Unfortunately when I was sick last week I missed my Italian midterm, so I gotta make that sucker up tomorrow, ugh.

|| I finally caught up to S2 of Hawaii Five-0. I don't totally hate the season but I do have some issues, mostly with this new character Lori. I don't hate her cause she's new or cause she flirts with Steve, like 80 percent of the fandom, it's just that she's such a weak character. Supposedly she's there to keep an eye on 5-0 and report back to the new governor, but she hasn't done any of that. Then there's the fact she's some kind of profiler, except she never actually has any insights in to the criminals or the victims. Honest to god Danny last season seemed better with people than she does. Then there is her personality, she doesn't have one. I'm not sure if the writers just aren't sure what they want to do with her yet or if the actress is truly that wooden, but it's not good.

I don't hate the idea of Lori's character, it's just that she brings nothing new to the show. I either want her to gain a personality and some purpose in the show or I want her to leave, I'd be happy with either! Plus they really cut down on Danny, Kono, and Chin's scenes in order to include her and I just don't like that.

Well, the haven't added her to the main credits so I'm hopeful she is not a permanent fixture. Maybe she'll become just a recurring character and not one of the mains? That would be good.

Whatever, the first few eps of the season sucked but it seems to slowly be getting better, so here's hoping.

|| Wow, above long rant was long xD

|| I'm starting a new low-carb diet, well not really a diet, more like a lifestyle change. My doctor recommended it to me because I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Apparently people with PCOS are more prone to diabetes so my doctor said I should eat less sugar and carbs to cut down on my insulin levels. PCOS sufferers often have fluctuating insulin levels which apparently is bad.

Whatever, I just hope I manage to lose weight too. I wouldn't mind losing ten pounds, lol.

|| I'm about 400 words in to my Suits Christmas Exchange fic, but I have the whole thing plotted out already. I'm going to be honest, I don't think I've ever written anything this fluffy in my life. We are talking tiny babbeh kittens level of fluff here.

If my fic was a picture of kittens it would be this one:

Yeah, it's that fluffy.

|| I should probably be working on the papers I have due for my classes but I'm tired and lazy.

|| Car shopping this weekend, very exciting!!!! I am so fucking sick of sharing with my dad, ugh. HE'S NEVER ON TIME FOR ANYTHING!
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|| Fuck I'm sick. Went to the walk in clinic today and found out I have sinusitis, which sounds fancier than sinus infection.

|| I updated The Florid Florist on Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. The next segment is not coming along at all. I can't quite get the characters to say what I want. Well, mostly it's Harvey. Harvey you bastard.

|| I'm probably going to end up going with Dad to pick out a headstone tomorrow. This is something I am not looking forward to at all. Even though it's been three months since my mom died I haven't been to the grave once since the funeral. I feel bad about it but just the idea of it makes me want to burst in to tears.

Still, I guess I should man up and just do it. I also wanted to get some bulbs planted since our cemetery lets you plant flowers at the grave sites but I'm unsure now if it's too late in the year or not. I messaged Sabrina (My friend studying Botany) but she's notoriously bad at responding to messages so who knows when I'll get a reply. I was thinking Daffodils and other Narcissus plants.

|| I got The Sims Pets a couple of days ago. The pets are so cute, omg. I haven't had much time to play it yet but it sure looks pretty, lol.

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|| Holy crap, am I actually updating two days in a row?! lol.

|| Since it's now fall, and the temperature outside my house has finally dropped below 70, I decided I needed a new layout. I wanted something a little darker for fall/winter. As usual I stuck to something really simple. I kept the layout the same except for adding the colors to the different special fonts and also the links. I really like the kinda monochrome look and then the bright pop of colors.

I also changed my profile code to match my new layout.

Now I won't change anything for another six months, lol.

|| I've been watching all the episodes of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs they have available on On Demand. I forgot how much I love the Discovery channel. But omg why are there always giant spiders?!?

|| I just got my prompt for the Suits Christmas Fic Exchange. I'm really super excited! Unfortunately now that I have this to work on The Florid Florist might be put on the back burner. I want to do my best and really come up with something good for my Giftee. Plus the deadline is Dec. 4th, which doesn't seem too soon but with my classes and everything I'll already be running low on time.

|| I need to start using Tumblr again. I kinda forgot I even had one, lol.
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|| How long has it been since I posted? I don't even remember.

|| I've been really busy the past few weeks, what with school and trying to figure out all the bills from my mom dying. THERE IS SO MUCH FREAKING PAPERWORK WHEN SOMEONE DIES!

|| Some good news: I'm going to SugoiCon again this year. It's in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, even if I don't have any plans to cosplay this year. I can't wear what I wore last time because the suit I wore for that is the suit I wore to my mom's funeral, and now it's kinda the funeral suit. Which is really stupid I know, but I can't help but feel that it has funeral cooties or something. WHATEVER, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXCITING THING! Somehow I manage to turn everything back to my mom is dead. Ugh.

|| Some even better news: May 2012 I will be in Hawaii for two weeks! That's right! Two weeks of sand, surf, and sun! wait, I don't actually like any of those things WHO CARES! IT'S MOTHERFUCKING HAWAII!

I'm actually going to visit Erin, my BFF who moved there for grad school. But while I'm there she's gonna take off work and we're gonna island hop and have fun!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this I can't even- I only have like 7 months to decide what I want to do there! is shot

|| Speaking of Hawaii: I ended up marathoning Hawaii Five-0 season 1. Yeah, it's awesome. Yeah, it's fucking gorgeous. Yeah, I hate the way it ended. Yeah, I kinda ship Danny/Steve. ummm, how can you not?

I'm kinda scared to watch the new season though because I heard it's really different and not as good. Like, all the banter and bromance and humor from S1 is just gone. Someone said it was like they got all new writers who never even saw the first season.

What should I do? *wibbles*

|| My flower!AU for Suits has turned kinda Epic. It's at like 18K words already. I fully expect it to hit 30K before I'm done with it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? This was supposed to be a short meme fill to get me back in to the swing of writing. I also don't update it as often as I should. Oh well.

|| Injury Updates: My Coccyx turned out to be fractured in the accident, but there is nothing the doctors can do, so I just get the joy of sitting on a broken ass all day. Yay! Not. And it turns out I tore the meniscus in my right knee. If the physical therapy I'm doing doesn't fix it I might have to have surgery.

The wreck was the accident that keeps on giving. Except I don't like these gifts.

|| So what's up with everyone else?
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Blargh, I hate rain. It's been raining here forever.

Other news: Me and Erin avoided a big fight today, and I'm very proud of us both.

For those of you who don't know Erin is my best friend and probably worst enemy. We have a dangerously co-dependent relationship that over the years has swung from massive highs to unsafe lows. We fight and hurt each other but we always veered back to each other because at the end of the day we're closer than sisters and we always feel like we need each other.

It's not really the healthiest relationship.

Well for pretty much the first half of this year we were intent on driving the other mad, fighting all the time and pretty much being as hurtful as possible. It cumulated in a huge blowout over my birthday party and we both ended up saying things we didn't mean but couldn't take back. We decided to end the friendship.

Then my mom died.

And Erin was wonderful. She was so good with me and a huge comfort the first three weeks after, before she had to leave for Hawaii where she is going to grad school. Still we text and talk quite often and have both, though not in so many words, decided to try harder.

That was the problem, we both got so comfortable in our friendship that we stopped trying, and it was the lack of effort more than anything that killed our friendship.

Today we were having a conversation via texting about my potentially coming to Hawaii in May. I mentioned that if I came in May rather than over spring break I could spend a week in Honolulu and then a week hopping the other islands. Erin mentioned she hadn't gotten to see the other islands yet and I said she could come with me if she had the time.

Erin misunderstood. She thought I didn't really want her to do it and didn't really care to have her company, that I was using her as an excuse to visit Hawaii. She got upset because she felt excluded.

I explained I hadn't meant it like that at all, and I admit my original message was worded poorly. I just didn't want to impose or take up too much of her time. She had mentioned the possibility of summer courses to me a couple days ago and I hadn't wanted her to feel like she was obligated to entertain me when she had class or work to worry about.

Before, even before things got really really bad, I would have snapped back at her, and neither of us would have bothered explaining our thought processes out. Now I feel like we try a little harder to be clearer and more understanding with each other. I'm really hopeful that our friendship is heading to a better place, and I think it will if we both manage to hold on to our admittedly bad tempers.

Other than that life is really normal, like depressingly normal.

New Comm!

Sep. 20th, 2011 10:02 pm
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Suits Rec
A New Community for Sharing Fan Media from the Suits Fandom
Featuring: Weekly and Themed Rec Posts!

Help me Pimp it!

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Hey all you people from the Suits Friending Meme! I'm starting a new Suits comm called [ profile] suits_rec. It is a reccing comm, obviously. I need a co-mod for it! Basically each week would have a general rec post for works from that past week, plus a theme rec post for any works pertaining to the theme. I also plan to have an Introduction to Suits rec post for people who are new to the Suits Fandom, basically the stories/images/vids whatever that people think are a good introduction to the fandom.

If you would like to co-mod with me leave a comment. I have not yet noticed a rec comm, but if you know of one tell me!
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// I had a nightmare Wednesday night that was just awful. I dreamed about being in the emergency room after the accident, but instead of just my mom dying, my dad and brother were dead too. It's managed to really freak me and left me so unbalanced. I actually left my phone in Whitehall (the main classroom building at my university). Luckily a girl found it and called my dad who asked her to bring it to his office (he works at my university).

// I've had some trouble with my writing because of the nightmare. I feel bad about not updating The Florid Florist the past couple of days but I just can't focus on my writing. I think I'll be able to write tomorrow though. If I'm not too busy. I actually have a lot to do tomorrow.

// School wise I'm doing well. I'm rocking at Italian. I got 102% on our first test and I'm pretty sure I got an A on the second one that we took Thursday.

// Time for a meme! yay!

>>>>> Reply to this post and I will pick five of your userpics for you to talk about in your journal. And others will do the same and this will create a never-ending loop of icon squee, etc, etc, let's talk about ICONS.

[ profile] acquiescence_ picked out these icons for me:

- I made this one! It's from Kuroshitsuji. Honestly it's one of the funniest scenes in the manga, I think. Poor Sebastian. He loves kitties, but they don't love him~
- PIKACHU! Who doesn't love Pikachu? He's adorable! I was actually big in to Pokemon back when it first came out. I was like 9 or so then? I especially like this Pikachu drawing because he's so adorable pudgy. I WANT TO PINCH HE'S LITTLE CHEEKS!
- THE OLD SPICE GUY! WITH A MONOCLE! How can you not love the old spice guy? And also monocles.
- LOL. Saito's face. I love it. Honestly Saito was once of my favorite characters in this movie. He was such a BAMF. OH SAITO, YOU AND YOUR MONEY AND BUYING AIRLINES AND SKEPTICAL!EYEBROWS.
- MOZZIE! He's my favorite White Collar character. Which is kinda ridiculous but whatevs. Mozzie's the shit, yo! I just love his expression here, he's all 'Don't think I'm not on to you.'
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// Thinking about starting Hawaii 5-0. I half watched the premiere last season and then real life got in the way and I didn't really catch anything else. Have any of you seen it? Is it good?

// My florist!AU is going really well on the Suits Meme. I'm writing every day and I like what I'm writing. IT'S A SEPTEMBER MIRACLE!

// Now I'm going to totally pimp my AU. Be warned it is a WIP, and also mildly slashy. Hey! I'm a link! Click Me! <- DO IT! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

// Thinking about making a FST for Suits. Which character should I start with; Donna, Harvey, or Mike?

// I think I'm going to buy Sims: Medieval. A friend of mine has it and it looks awesome. YOU CAN SEND PEOPLE TO 'THE PIT' WHERE THEY MUST DO BATTLE WITH A MONSTER! (everyone in my kingdom would end up in the pit, lololol)

// I like Italian. Yes the nouns have gender, but there are only two (unlike German) and it's easy to tell which noun is which gender (also unlike German).


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