Jun. 3rd, 2011 06:33 pm
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So sorry I haven't posted in so long! But I come baring excuses reasons:

1. On the way home from Mamaw's someone stole my wallet out of my car at a shell station in Tennesee. SOMEONE STOLE MY FUCKING WALLET! Everything just gone! 100 dollars cash, all my credit cards, my debit card, my id, my uni id, everything.

2. So I've been trying to replace all of it and in the meantime all I can do is bum my mother's debit card whenever I need anything.

3. Hung out with Laurel before she left to start her internship. We saw Source Code which is actually really, really good. I was surprised how interesting it was. We also discussed our plans to go to New York City in August (which will be incredibly, awfully hot but is the only time we both have free).

4. Still trying to work things out at Ashland for my internship. The wallet fiasco distracted me.

5. I am tired. Just tired. I will try to have a better post up soon.
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I put up a new layout. I decided that I need something lighter and brighter for spring. What do you all think?

Thanks all for making me feel better. I'm glad I got that off my chest and now I'm feeling a lot more optimistic. This may or may not have something to do with the shopping spree me and my mom went on yesterday.

I'm hoping with that with break I'll have a chance to work on my writing more. It's a lot harder to work on fic when I know I have an anthropology paper I should be working on instead, haha.

I am almost done with a Moriarty mix, if you're in to the Sherlock fandom at all.

Shit I'm on a music spree right now. Been DL-ing some mixes, listening to a lot of stuff, coming up with all sorts of mix ideas. How can people not be as obsessed with music as me? I find this perplexing. I'm currently looping Greg Laswell and Michael Buble. They're soothing~

Been working on cleaning my room. It relaxes me so much, *sigh*. What doesn't relax me is the fact that my closet is full to bursting and I still have two laundry baskets worth of stuff to hang. flails and dies
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That trip I was so excited about? 6 weeks in Japan? It's been cancelled. No explanation why, just a note from the advisor of the Japan study abroad programs "regretfully informing" us that's its cancelled and the see him to talk about alternative programs.

THERE ARE NO FUCKING ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS FOR ME Most of the other programs either cost twice as much or require a GPA I don't have or both. The only one that doesn't goes to some dirt poor village in the middle of Nowhere Fucking Mexico teaching little brats English. The only Spanish I speak? Enchilada and Taco.

This was the only time I had for study abroad and now it's just not going to happen.

I want to cry. I have been crying. Shit, I'm tearing up now.

I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with me summer now. Probably work, if I can find a job, which is doubtful. The only places hiring in Lexington is Wal-Mart and I'd rather put a fucking bullet in my brain before I ever work in that cesspool.

When I told my mom she said "We'll come up with something." No we won't. My parents were going to scrounge and scrape and borrow if need be for me to go on this program. They wouldn't do that for anything less than school. Then she suggested going "out west" which means driving around the middle of fucking nowhere Montana looking at dirt and trees and mountains. No. Just No. I don't Nature I want Cities, and Culture, and Art, and Excitement. My mom wants to go out west, she's been trying to cajole us in to it for years now.

Shit. Now I'm full-blown crying.

So most likely what will happen is I'll spend this summer doing nothing. Just like I did last summer. I'll visit my Mamaw in (again) middle of fucking nowhere North Carolina. Where I'll have to listen to her bitch at me to do things like mop her floors and vaccum her rugs and put up with her correcting my perfectly fine driving. (You go 45 in a 50 zone and you're driving too fast for her). No internet, no cell phone, no civilization, just basic satellite tv. Then I'll go up to Cape Cod, which I've only done for the las 21 years of my life. Where I'll get to put up with my Dad's family, listen to my mom bitch about my dad's family, explain to my dad that I just don't do swimming in the ocean (or a lake or a pool), and basically spend two weeks without internet (again) and trying to convince my dad to do something. We'll spend one day in Boston doing what I want and Shopping (because we are always there for my birthday, so instead of getting drunk with my friends at a club I'll be having a stuffy dinner with my 98 year old grandfather), then we'll come home. And I will continue to wallow until School starts back up.

Shit. I know I'm probably blowing this way out of proportion. I'm just so sad, and angry, and dissapointed. And you know what, I'm jealous. Of all my friends that have gotten to do study abroad, because I can honestly say that three/fourths of them have. All my friends are leaving at the end of this semester too. Going to Grad school or to get a job, but not me. I'm not graduating on time so I'm just going to stay in fucking Lexington. I hate Lexington. There is nothing here. Honestly nothing. I was excited when we got a Sephora, so that should tell you the state of the shopping around here. There is very little club scene, which I'm not in to anyway. No museums, little theater. There's horse racing two months out of the year but I just don't care. And there's basketball, one of the worst sports around to watch, I could put up with Baseball, but our minor league team sucks.

God this has turned in to an awfully long rant. I'm sorry. I guess I just needed to vent. I also need sad music. Apparently I have none.

Also: I'd hate to know what I'd feel like if I weren't on anti-depressants.
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Sorry for unintentionally vanishing from LJ for two weeks. I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!

But, I come baring excuses reasons!

Right after I got back from my trip to D.C. (which was AMAZING) I got sick. Really, really sick. Missed a week and a half of school and three rounds of antibiotics sick. It was awful, but I did lose 5 pounds xD

So I had a ton of make-up school work. That was also terrible.

Speaking of School I have two take home tests this weekend and a test tomorrow at at school. Ack!

Went a a Mr. T Party yesterday, which is basically a Tea Party where everyone dresses up like Mr. T and we watch a lot of the A-Team plus Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, while drinking tea and eating scones with icing mohawks.

To make my costume I went to Micheal's Craft Store to buy a lot of chains and feathers. The conversation with the cashier went like this:

Cashier: What are you making?
Me: A Mr. T costume.
Cashier: Why?
Me: What else would you wear to a Tea Party?
Cashier: o.O

I'm so behind on everything! I need to read two weeks of manga chapters and watch two weeks worth of shows! (Plus do my homework)

Obsessing over the Drive-by Truckers. Great band!

Hopefully I'll be sticking around, no more mysteriously vanishing off the face of the earth.
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If someone were to color/draw me a pompadour!Hibird I would love you forever and ever and make for you a fic or a mix as reward!!!!!

I am a little disappointed that Hibari is having such an easy time of things though. Could we get some character development for him plskthanx?
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So I went to the doctor again today, and found out I have Bronchitis! OMG! NOT YAY! I now have 4 new medications to take. Including an antibiotic known as the bug bomb, because if this shit can't clear out an infection you're pretty much doomed. My doctor told me, stay out of the cold, I was like, You do know I have school, right? One of my teachers though told me point blank, don't come to class this week though.

Edit: Changed my layout, what do you all think?
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I'm sick. We are talking 101 degree fever, hacking up mucus, can't move sick. It's not pleseant. I missed a test yesterday that I'll now have to make up. Ugh.

Went to the doctor Thursday. Got medicine for an ear infection I didn't know I had before the sickness above even started. Also quadrupled my anti-depressent and got prescribed valium, yay! (not) I'm supposed to carry the valium with me in case of panic attacks, so I need to go buy a pretty pillbox. Think I'll check that vintage store I love.

At least I worked things out with three of my teachers to get extensions so I don't have to try and do everything at once anymore.
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I can't do this Hiatus. I AM A HIATUS FAILURE! I think I need to spend 40 or so minutes a day mindlessly wondering around LJ. OR ELSE I WILL GO INSANE AND START TEARING POOR DEFENSELESS STUFFED ANIMALS APART!

So screw you Hiatus. I never liked you anyway. OR YOUR FACE!

In other news I will be forced to be away from LJ this Thanksgiving Weekend. I am going to the far wilds where internet dare not tread; also known as my Mamaw's house. So maybe it's a little stupid to end my Hiatus now? Oh but here is my to-do list while I am there:

1. Read The Crysanthemum and The Sword
2. Read Journey to the West/Monkey
3. Read Japan as No. One - Lessons for the West
4. Read Writing About Art
5. Write Art History Essay
6. Write Anthropological History Short Paper 3
7. Write 4-6 Arts Asia Festival Reviews
8. Finish Writing KHR Halloween Fest piece (OMFG I suck for not doing this sooner. WHY MUST I BE SO LAZY BUSY!)
9. Eat Turkey and Get Fat

Ugh. Just Ugh.

In other news I'm thinking about creating a Comm for all my icons and fsts and stuff. What do you all think? Fic would probably still be posted here.

Also can anyone reccomend some good instrumental music that's NOT classical? I want some~
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and, uh, LJ Hiatus?

The month of November is going to be hell. I have a ton to do. I have a paper due in Anthropological Theory on Tuesday, SugoiCon on Friday-Sunday, Asian Arts Festival and several papers for it next week, Papers for Art History, Japanese Culture, and Chinese Culture. My Story for the KHR Exchange (shit, shit, shit I need to do that). I will be back briefly to post pictures from SugoiCon, and I may occassionally post comments on your journals, but other than that I shall vanish, probably for the next month and a half. Next semester I'm not taking so many hours though so life will be better. Hopefully *dies*
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Today I left in the middle of class to go throw up in the girl's toilet.

The End

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It's officially Oct. 25. WTF? Where did October go? Crap, crap, crap. I haven't even done the decorations for Halloween yet, usually I have a bunch up. Not to mention I haven't even started on my fic for the KHR Halloween exchange. Fuck! And SugoiCon is in less than two weeks! I need to finish my costume, and look around at hotels since the convention one is booked up. Plus with November comes a lot of work for my classes. Nooooo! I'm never taking so many paper writing centric classes again!

Also: People call and ask me to babysit, cause I am BROKE! I'm not gonna be able to buy much at the convention, *sniff*

Also II: I know I promised to have my Chrome FST up but iTunes is being a little bitch.

My life is getting away from me. I need to clean my room. (That always makes me feel better)
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► I have a midterm tomorrow in Japanese Culture that I have not studied for. Wah!

► I have missed a week of classes because of my dislocated jaw and and upper respiratory infection. I now take about 10 pills a day of various medications.

► One of these medications is a sleeping pill. Unfortunately another of these is a steriod (for my jaw) the steriod keeps me up the sleeping pill tries to make me sleep, their duking it out with me in the middle.

► My Chiropractor adjusted my jaw today to try to make it better. Yeah, that hurt like a bitch.

► Once again, MIDTERMS!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

► I'm almost done with my Chrome FST. Actually that's a lie, but I have the cover done (actually two covers so please vote for the best below) and I've picked all the songs. I'll try to have it up this weekend.

► I've also gained a little more inspiration for writing. Been working on the sequel to Bail. I need to be working on my fic for the KHR Halloween Exchange. I actually have a really good idea for it. I'm so lazy.

► Bought a tie and tie clip at this Vintage store I LOVE for my cosplay. The tie is not black. It's dark blue with lighter blue (the exact shade of my shirt) and white flowers. It's so perfect. I was gonna upload a pic, but I put my card in my other (nicer) camera that is currently located at my dad's office. Maybe I'll remember later. So now all I need is the dye, the eyepatch and the ring. I better get ordering.

NOW: Please vote for which cover you prefer for my Chrome FST


I know which I prefer, but what do you all think? The final ones will be much bigger btw.

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I don't have full blown TMJ but sometimes my jaw locks up and the only way to fix it is to dislocate it. Now my jaw is fucking killing me. It hurts far worse than it usually does when I have to dislocate it. It hurts to talk, to eat, to smile, to do anything involving my mouth (that sounds oddly dirty). I'm worried I might have to do to see the doctor. Fuck!

Damn. I suppose to go to Keeneland tomorrow to watch the horse races with my bestie, and then I babysit. Don't wanna!

Ugh. Give me pain killers!
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Writing another Anthropological Theory paper. THIS SUCKS! Why oh why did I take this class again? Oh yeah, it's required.

edit: It's DONE! *dies* If I don't get an A on this bitch I'm gonna fucking lose it.
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kill me now pls

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Why can't I do anything without some sort of deadline or imminent prospect of failing to motivate me.

I did get some work done on my story Simplicity, but not as much as I'd like. I think I've hit a mental wall with it so I'm gonna try to work on something else. And I'm actually almost done with my Mukuro FST, BUT I CAN'T FIND THIS STUPID GREENDAY SONG I NEED. I do not want to dl the whole album it's on, cause I'd just delete it, but I guess that's what I'll do.

In University News:

In my Anthropological Theory class I have to write a paper and prepare to debate on Lewis Morgan, a Victorian era anthropologist who is considered the father of Kinship studies. I WANTED DARWIN DAMNIT! I know everthing about Darwin. The paper is due 9 am Tuesday. I have not started *dies*

Other classes are good, EXCEPT MY HAND IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF FROM ALL THE STUPID NOTES I'M TAKING! Plus I'm printing off about 30 pages or more worth of readings and powerpoints a week, cause I hate reading academic stuff on my laptop.

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I never win anything. *dies*

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I can't sleep, and since I have to get up in three and a half hours now anyway, I kinda feel like there's no longer a point in trying.

So I'll do what I always do when I can't sleep, I'll clean my room.

My room only ever has two modes, either A) really messy, or B) really clean. There is no halfway point with me. Also, generally the worse I'm feeling, the cleaner my room. When I'm really having a breakdown I alphabetize everything and organize the clothes in my closest by type and color (and I have a lot of clothing).

The more out of control I personally feel the more I try to control my surroundings.

Or so I've been told by my psychologist mother.

Let me tell you growing up with a woman who would call every bit of teenage rebellion by me Oppositional-Defiant Disorder wasn't always fun.

Right now that I'm feeling pretty good about myself, so mostly I'll just be putting things back where they belong and hanging my clean laundry.

EDIT: I totally lied. I've spent the last hour and a half cleaning out my closest of old clothes and completely reorganizing my bookcase. I've actually made more of a mess in my room. *dies*

Incidentally, I own a ton of school supplies. This is what comes of working in an office supply store for over a year. At least I'll never need to buy notebooks or pens again.

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I ran a lot of errands today. I had to go to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, Target, and my dad's office. I am tired. *phew*

In completely unrelated news:


It's from Anthropologie, one of my most favorite stores IN THE WORLD. Unfortunately it costs 118 dollars. *dies*

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School starts the 25th. BE THE 25TH ALREADY! My life is so boring when I'm not in classes, plus my classes this semester are so AWESOME. for the first time in three years I'm totally happy with my courses.

What I'm taking:
A-H 102 - History of Asian Art
ANT 301 - Anthropological Theory
ANT/JPN 321 - History of Japan Post Meiji Restoration (already took the pre meiji)
CHI 330 - History of China Pre 1850
FA 400 - Asia Arts Festival Paper (This class is awesome because I go to 8-10 events during the two week long Asia Arts Festival then write a 15 page paper and I get three credit hours)

No math, no science, no economics or logic or language to bring down my GPA, just good old Social Sciences, YES!

Start school, START! I want to see my friends and experiance campus life again. I want to talk to the Anthropology proffessors and Inoue-sensei. I want to go back to JCiKS (My school organization). I EVEN WANT HOMEWORK JUST TO EASE THE BOREDOM! 





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