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|| Fuck I'm sick. Went to the walk in clinic today and found out I have sinusitis, which sounds fancier than sinus infection.

|| I updated The Florid Florist on Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. The next segment is not coming along at all. I can't quite get the characters to say what I want. Well, mostly it's Harvey. Harvey you bastard.

|| I'm probably going to end up going with Dad to pick out a headstone tomorrow. This is something I am not looking forward to at all. Even though it's been three months since my mom died I haven't been to the grave once since the funeral. I feel bad about it but just the idea of it makes me want to burst in to tears.

Still, I guess I should man up and just do it. I also wanted to get some bulbs planted since our cemetery lets you plant flowers at the grave sites but I'm unsure now if it's too late in the year or not. I messaged Sabrina (My friend studying Botany) but she's notoriously bad at responding to messages so who knows when I'll get a reply. I was thinking Daffodils and other Narcissus plants.

|| I got The Sims Pets a couple of days ago. The pets are so cute, omg. I haven't had much time to play it yet but it sure looks pretty, lol.

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\\ Been busy the past few days trying to figure out my schedule for the summer, SO I JUST REALIZED IT'S BEEN AWHILE SINCE I LAST POSTED! Sorry!

\\ I have been playing a lot of The Sims 3 since I just got the new Generations expansion. I get crazy obsessed with this game, haha.

\\ I have been trying to write but I think I have writers block or something. Well, not exactly writers block, because I can write. It's just I HATE EVERY FREAKIN' THING I MANAGE TO TYPE!

\\ So this weekend I'm going to Cincy to see a Reds Game. It's gonna be me, Sabrina & Jamil, Sarah, her husband Justin, and two of their kids. So yeah, I'm kinda like the odd man out but it was my idea in the first place SO I REFUSE TO FEEL AWKWARD!

\\ So New York with Laurel is totally on. We plan to leave August 13th and take the train. We hope to have between 3 and 5 full days there. Any ideas for what we should do?

\\ CHECK OUT MY ICON!!!!! I love it so ridiculously much.
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// Having to type this up on my mom's laptop because mine finally crashed it's last crash.

// Luckily I backup all my shit two days ago cause my laptop was being super glitchy and I was afraid this might happen.

// However I already bought a new one! 320GB hard driver, Intel-Pentium Dual Core P2600 processor, 4GB ram. And it was only $430 on sale, yay! My mom bought it for me cause she's still feeling bad I won't get to go to Japan, plus she recognizes that it is vital for school. I pick it up at the store tomorrow, yay!

// Moving everything will be such a pain. I may have to redownload some programs too.

// I'm sure I lost some things but I probably won't know what for awhile, haha.

// How am I going to move my Sims 3 stuff? Hmmm.
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I actually got back Monday evening, but then I got sick. Summer colds are the worst. Also, I got distracted by the Sims. I'm so freakin' addicted to that game *dies*.

On Saturday I leave for an overnight trip with my two best friends to the Cumberland Falls, the only place in the western hemisphere where you can see a Moonbow, but I swear to post a fic before then, I'm just being lazy right now because LJ is being such a pain in the ass about formatting and cutting and I don't have the patience to deal with it.

Now I'm going to go play more Sims 3.



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