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Jesus Christ I suck

|| How long has it been since I posted? I don't even remember.

|| I've been really busy the past few weeks, what with school and trying to figure out all the bills from my mom dying. THERE IS SO MUCH FREAKING PAPERWORK WHEN SOMEONE DIES!

|| Some good news: I'm going to SugoiCon again this year. It's in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, even if I don't have any plans to cosplay this year. I can't wear what I wore last time because the suit I wore for that is the suit I wore to my mom's funeral, and now it's kinda the funeral suit. Which is really stupid I know, but I can't help but feel that it has funeral cooties or something. WHATEVER, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXCITING THING! Somehow I manage to turn everything back to my mom is dead. Ugh.

|| Some even better news: May 2012 I will be in Hawaii for two weeks! That's right! Two weeks of sand, surf, and sun! wait, I don't actually like any of those things WHO CARES! IT'S MOTHERFUCKING HAWAII!

I'm actually going to visit Erin, my BFF who moved there for grad school. But while I'm there she's gonna take off work and we're gonna island hop and have fun!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this I can't even- I only have like 7 months to decide what I want to do there! is shot

|| Speaking of Hawaii: I ended up marathoning Hawaii Five-0 season 1. Yeah, it's awesome. Yeah, it's fucking gorgeous. Yeah, I hate the way it ended. Yeah, I kinda ship Danny/Steve. ummm, how can you not?

I'm kinda scared to watch the new season though because I heard it's really different and not as good. Like, all the banter and bromance and humor from S1 is just gone. Someone said it was like they got all new writers who never even saw the first season.

What should I do? *wibbles*

|| My flower!AU for Suits has turned kinda Epic. It's at like 18K words already. I fully expect it to hit 30K before I'm done with it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? This was supposed to be a short meme fill to get me back in to the swing of writing. I also don't update it as often as I should. Oh well.

|| Injury Updates: My Coccyx turned out to be fractured in the accident, but there is nothing the doctors can do, so I just get the joy of sitting on a broken ass all day. Yay! Not. And it turns out I tore the meniscus in my right knee. If the physical therapy I'm doing doesn't fix it I might have to have surgery.

The wreck was the accident that keeps on giving. Except I don't like these gifts.

|| So what's up with everyone else?

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I'm so sorry about your mom and this accident. *all the hugs*

I hope you have a lot of fun at the convention and Hawaii; you deserve it! And 30k of The Florid Florist? Any objections to that? *looks around* Nope!

Take care of yourself, bb. *smish*

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Thank you. Yeah the accident was three months ago but I still feel like it was only last week. It doesn't help that we're still trying to figure out all this paperwork having to deal with mom and the hospitals, and I'm still hurting from my injuries, though they are getting better.

I guess it just kinda feels a little ridiculous that something I was supposed to just be whipping up for the meme has turned in to this monster fic that will not end. Are meme fics supposed to be this long? Oh well, lol. I'm having fun writing it and that's what matters.

I just got my Suits secret santa prompt too so my updates for TFF might be even slower now. I'M JUST NOT A FAST WRITER! is shot

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Have lots of fun(*<>*)

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Thank you! I'm sure I will. Or at the very least I'm having a lot of fun thinking about the trips, haha.

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DDDDDD: to the injuries, emotionally and physically. :(

But, I'm glad that you get to visit Hawaii. :D Tis a beautiful, beautiful island of so much natural beauty. *w* Damn it, I envy thee! XD

So far, I've been taking 2 5-unit classes. ^^; Both of which are challenges to manage. Unfortunately, they're required for my major (Biomedical Engineering...just decided on that many weeks ago), so I have to bear with it. XD

But, writing has been a challenge, as well. I've been having characterization problems in ways, and I think I might need to think things through and learn to plan better for it. Though...I don't know many people who read KHR or Durarara!! or Fate/Stay Night. :( That and...of the ones I know, only 2 I can talk to on IM. Damn it...XD

But, anyways. Keep up the spirits and may your world be the eternal hypernovae of beauty and happiness. :3

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I keep looking at all these pictures and watching all those shows and movies set in Hawaii. I'm really hoping it's as beautiful in person, cause if not I'm going to be really disappointed, haha.

Oh wow, Biomedical Engineering, that sounds so hard! I'm doing Art History, which is probably much easier, lol. I don't really know what units are, my University goes by hours. Most classes are 3 hours and they expect you to do 4 or 5 a semester.

I used to watch Fate/Stay Night. I really liked the series. I should rewatch it, haha. And while I've read DRRR! I've not seen the anime. I'm usually more in to manga than anime.

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XD Let's hope that it shalt be beautiful. :3

^^; It's partly because of the financial situation of my family, as well as the fact that I like Immunology and MicroBiology and so forth. ^^; Somehow, I feel that I should go for a major that is into Biotech, since I actually enjoy finding out about and understanding the ideas behind the theories.

Fate/Stay Night...which version? Anime or visual novel? Though...I think the Visual Novel is the more original version (so far, I'm reading that one). As for Durarara!!...I'm reading it as well. XD The anime I liked, but I am reading it as well.