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|| How long has it been since I posted? I don't even remember.

|| I've been really busy the past few weeks, what with school and trying to figure out all the bills from my mom dying. THERE IS SO MUCH FREAKING PAPERWORK WHEN SOMEONE DIES!

|| Some good news: I'm going to SugoiCon again this year. It's in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, even if I don't have any plans to cosplay this year. I can't wear what I wore last time because the suit I wore for that is the suit I wore to my mom's funeral, and now it's kinda the funeral suit. Which is really stupid I know, but I can't help but feel that it has funeral cooties or something. WHATEVER, THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXCITING THING! Somehow I manage to turn everything back to my mom is dead. Ugh.

|| Some even better news: May 2012 I will be in Hawaii for two weeks! That's right! Two weeks of sand, surf, and sun! wait, I don't actually like any of those things WHO CARES! IT'S MOTHERFUCKING HAWAII!

I'm actually going to visit Erin, my BFF who moved there for grad school. But while I'm there she's gonna take off work and we're gonna island hop and have fun!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this I can't even- I only have like 7 months to decide what I want to do there! is shot

|| Speaking of Hawaii: I ended up marathoning Hawaii Five-0 season 1. Yeah, it's awesome. Yeah, it's fucking gorgeous. Yeah, I hate the way it ended. Yeah, I kinda ship Danny/Steve. ummm, how can you not?

I'm kinda scared to watch the new season though because I heard it's really different and not as good. Like, all the banter and bromance and humor from S1 is just gone. Someone said it was like they got all new writers who never even saw the first season.

What should I do? *wibbles*

|| My flower!AU for Suits has turned kinda Epic. It's at like 18K words already. I fully expect it to hit 30K before I'm done with it. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? This was supposed to be a short meme fill to get me back in to the swing of writing. I also don't update it as often as I should. Oh well.

|| Injury Updates: My Coccyx turned out to be fractured in the accident, but there is nothing the doctors can do, so I just get the joy of sitting on a broken ass all day. Yay! Not. And it turns out I tore the meniscus in my right knee. If the physical therapy I'm doing doesn't fix it I might have to have surgery.

The wreck was the accident that keeps on giving. Except I don't like these gifts.

|| So what's up with everyone else?
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Holy cheese logs! Has it really been so long since I last posted? *checks lj* Yes, yes it has.


So my trip to New York was amazing and wonderful and also very hot and humid. But I'm used to that seeing as I LIVE IN THE SWEAT LODGE KNOWN AS KENTUCKY! sorry it's just really hot here today

I'll make a separate post about my trip once I get my photos ready. And this time I mean it! probably

In other news: Classes started today. I only have Italian on Monday/Wednesday, it looks much easier than Japanese. Tomorrow I have Italian (it's a m/t/w/r class), Art of Edo Era Japan, Art of the Enlightenment, and Art Objects of Asia. Too many classes in one day! I'm not sure why but all the art history classes are on t/r for some reason.

I think I'm going to like this semester. Dr. Allaire is the Italian teacher and she was really nice when I talked to her about potentially having panic attacks in class and needing to leave. Dr. Maske teaches two of my other classes and he's really nice and likes me. I don't know the last person but it's hard to imagine she won't be understanding.

Music: Obsessing over Christina Perri atm. Also working on a Sherlock/John mix

Writing: So before the accident I had some stuff. That stuff vanished along with the hard drive I had it on, probably lying in pieces on the Ohio interstate. Now I can't write anything that is not COMPLETE AND UTTER SHIT! It's like all my inspiration and motivation has flown out the window! I guess that's not surprising with everything that's happened though.

Mom Stuff: Still missing mom of course. I could almost swear I feel sadder now than I did before, but I'm sure that's not true. This Saturday is my parents anniversary, the first since she died. I don't think my dad will handle it well. We'll probably take flowers to the grave. I'll cry. Dad'll cry. My brother'll cry. God, when do things start getting better?
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|| So I went to see Cowboys & Aliens as well as Bridesmaids at a drive in theatre the other night. It was my first time to a drive in and I liked it for these reasons:

1. It's cheap. 5 dollars to see two movies!
2. You can sneak in you're own drinks/food. Meaning we snuck in booze.
3. You can talk during the movie. I am notoriously bad about this, and so is Erin (who I went to the theatre with).

Now my mini reviews, that endeavor not to give anything away:

Cowboys & Aliens
Really quite good! I was surprised how much I liked this movie. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were perfect in their roles, obviously, but the supporting cast was equally good. The movie is very engaging right from the beginning. You're on the edge of your seat wanting to know what's going to happen. There are quite a few surprising moments or plot points that you just have to go 'I did not see that one coming'. You really start to care for the characters, which is nice, and it's very easy to hate the aliens, which is always important for me. I like clearly defined bad guys.

Good movie. Not really at all like the previews, they never make it to Vegas like they imply in the ads for it. There were a few parts I could have done without. I think they could have cut back on language and grossness and have made just as fulfilling a movie rated PG-13. Overall though you like the man character and root for her, and it is funny.

Otherwise in life:

|| Lots of paperwork to fill out for the insurance people, and the retirement committee I'm suppose to get a stipend from. I can't even finish it because I need to go see my doctor and my banker for more information, annoying!

|| Finally have the big details of the New York trip settled. Got the Hostel, the train tickets, and a City Pass.

Vacay time!

Jul. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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// Leaving today for vacation! We'll be heading up to the Adirondacks and Lake George then we'll be going to Cape Cod. We won't be back until the 17th.

// The house does not have internet unfortunately. However I will have my Smart Phone with me and it does get the internet. LJ is actually pretty easy to use on my phone so I'll still be around, maybe.

// Non-Vacation News: Since Sabrina couldn't make it to my party we went out for dinner at out favorite Indian place, where she insisted on paying and we went through a whole ordeal when the check came. Before that I went to her house to buy some Depression Glass that she had. She collects the stuff but she said she had way too much of it so she was selling some. It's very pretty. I bought Pink Madrid cake plates/saucers and Iridescent Normandie cake plates/saucers. We bought a large serving bowl too but Sabrina didn't know what pattern it was.

// Got a new mani/pedi done. My nails are bright blue and my toes are bright purple. I like bright colors, lol.

// I bought two new dresses! I love dresses xD

// I have officially met my goal of losing 10 pounds this summer! Now I want to try to lose 5 more before I got to New York!

// Finally got a hostel booked for New York. It took forever to find a place! Everywhere was booked it seemed! Me and Laurel decided on spending 4 full days there. We'll be gone 6 days though because the train is a full day (13-14 hours) each way.
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// I promised ya'll a better post today and as it's 10:30 I figure I should get on that, lol.

// My party was a lot of fun. Sabrina and Jamil got stuck in Georgia and couldn't make it, and Alec had to work. Laurel came down from Ashland though, which is a two hour drive so that was great. We went for Chinese food. Which was very yummy. And then had frozen yogurt, which was also very yummy.

// I said no gifts but Sarah gave me something anyway.

Sarah is an artist and she made this print. It's a Dirigible Whale. I love it. I'm gonna get it framed.

// I leave Friday to go on vacation. I'll be gone more than two weeks. During that time I'll mostly be using my phone to read stuff and make updates. Occasionally I might go somewhere with wifi though. I'm excited. We're going to the Adirondacks first then to Cape Cod. Should be fun.

// I'm going to try really hard to have a new mix up before I go. NO PROMISES!

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// A lot's been going down. Let me enumerate for you. (I may be slightly tipsy.)

// Made a Catbook for my cat. Clearly my boredom is reaching epic levels. Epic.

// Finished up another mix. This one is a Steampunk inspired gen mix. So if you like wearing corsets and drinking tea you should get this mix to listen too whilst you are wearing your corsets and drinking your tea. You can get it at [ profile] robbing_banks.

// Went to Cincy last weekend for a Red's game. They lost. And it rained. However we had a truly fabulous meal at Hofbrauhaus, which none of us could pronounce so we just started calling it Hausfrau instead. Over all it was a good night. Even when Sabrina insisted on using my phone to texts Sarah's husband that I had somehow magically gotten her pregnant with the power of German beer and my mind (or something).

// We'll be heading to the Cape in a week and a half. I always enjoy my time there. I just get really nostalgic about the place. I'd post up a picture of the house my father's family owns but I don't actually have one on this computer. It's a nice house even if it was built in 1930 and has no air conditioning.

// Because I'll be on the Cape I won't be home for my 22nd birthday, and man do I feel old. Since I won't be home I decided to have a party early. We're going to eat at a place called Asian Wind and then maybe get some fro-yo. I'd forgotten that we'd eaten there for my 18th birthday too. In the photo I have my hair is so short!

// Mom scampered off to NC. She tried to make me go too and I said no way.

// Still trying to plan out New York.

// I've lost 8 pounds!!!!
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\\ Been busy the past few days trying to figure out my schedule for the summer, SO I JUST REALIZED IT'S BEEN AWHILE SINCE I LAST POSTED! Sorry!

\\ I have been playing a lot of The Sims 3 since I just got the new Generations expansion. I get crazy obsessed with this game, haha.

\\ I have been trying to write but I think I have writers block or something. Well, not exactly writers block, because I can write. It's just I HATE EVERY FREAKIN' THING I MANAGE TO TYPE!

\\ So this weekend I'm going to Cincy to see a Reds Game. It's gonna be me, Sabrina & Jamil, Sarah, her husband Justin, and two of their kids. So yeah, I'm kinda like the odd man out but it was my idea in the first place SO I REFUSE TO FEEL AWKWARD!

\\ So New York with Laurel is totally on. We plan to leave August 13th and take the train. We hope to have between 3 and 5 full days there. Any ideas for what we should do?

\\ CHECK OUT MY ICON!!!!! I love it so ridiculously much.
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\\ Leaving to visit my grandmother tomorrow. I'll be gone a week to Golden Valley, NC. Also known as THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. For serious. I will not have cell reception while I'm there, and no internet. Unless of course I drive the thirty minutes to Marion. In which case I can get online with my phone. I MIGHT DRIVE TO MARION JUST TO GET AWAY FROM MY GRANDMOTHER. She is wonderful and I love her but she drives me batty.

\\ So tomorrow I have SIX FREAKIN' HOURS WORTH OF DRIVING TO DO! All by my lonesome~ Thank god I can hook my iPod up to my car stereo.

\\ I don't really know what I'm going to do in NC. Probably play a lot of The Sims. Also work on some fics. Maybe rewatch the entire first season of Sherlock? Also whatever my Mamaw tells me to do.

\\ It's raining here. Why is it raining here? That makes me sad :(

\\ OMG! Completely random but did anyone watch the season finale of Bones? I nearly died, for serious.

\\ I've had crazy insomnia the last 5 nights. I started on a birth control pill to try and regulate my hormone levels and I think it might be keeping me up. However the insomnia is slowly getting better so I think I'll be okay.
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# Finally finished and posted that Sherlock fic. It ended up being more than 6500 words, haha. I found a truly wonderful lady to beta and brit-pick it for me. It really needed it too!

# OMG! School's almost over! *hyperventilates and dies*

# I have SO MUCH TO DO once school is over. It's all shit I've been putting of. (I've been using school as an excuse so I'll have to find a new one soon.)

1. Clean Room
2. Clean out fridge
3. Finish training at Ashland
4. Prepare for Sabrina's Wedding
5. Finish redecorating Bathroom
6. Buy new bed at Ikea (and you know, put it together)
7. Clean out closet
8. More (there is always more)

# Chinese project is going well I think. We're writing about two of director Zhang Yimou's movies, Raise the Red Lantern and Under the Hawthorn Tree. THEY ARE BOTH SO SAD!

# Me and Laurel hope to spend about 5 days in New York City this summer! OMG! It will be so much fun! I've never been. Every other major city on the East Coast I've been to but not NYC. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT!

# Still training for interning at Ashland. I go on yet another tour tomorrow. Did you know one of Henry Clay's sons was commited to an Insane Asylum?

# ERIN IS DRIVING ME INSANE! And it's weird. I know she's not leaving till July but I already miss her. I think I miss how our friendship used to be. Now we have practically nothing in common and she stresses me out so much. I hate to say it but Erin's kinda a bad friend too. She goes on and on about her life and her problems, but I can't say anything about what stresses me out? I wonder if I'm not clinging to our friendship not for friendship's sake but for my memories.

Also: Who doesn't know what their hobbies are? I asked Erin what she likes to do and she couldn't answer me. How weird is that?

# It has been raining for 5 days. FIVE DAYS It's so depressing!

# Watched the first episode of Aoi no Exorcist. It was good. Maybe I should give the manga another go?

# Sorry to my flist for having to put up with so many rants, especially about Erin.
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// I caught the flu last week. Fabulous. But I'm better now, so yay?

// It's Spring Break and I've done nothing. Mainly because I'm still getting over being sick.

// Got a hair cut last Saturday. I only got about two inches cut off but damn does my hair seem shorter D: Still I had to get my discolored and broken ends off.

// Shit I have a lot to accomplish. I have about three fics I need to be working on. School work (blargh). Cleaning my room. Dying my hair. Painting my bathroom. Ugh. SO MUCH TO DO!

// Erin got in to the University of Hawaii. I'm happy and really sad at the same time. I don't want her to leave me! I have so much trouble making friends and she's been my friend for over ten years now. My best friend for five! Plus two of my other really close friends are leaving too. Sabrina is moving to Georgia to study Botany and Laurel is, well I'm not sure where she's going but she wants to get a job out of town. When did all my friends start growing up into responsible adults?

// Speaking of Sabrina, her Bridal shower is in a week and a half. In Louisville. Jeez. That's over an hour away. Becca is hosting so I guess that's why but shouldn't the Bridal shower be in the same city as the bride? I still need to find a dress for the wedding as well.

// So I'm kinda over the whole Japan trip thing. I figure it would have been cancelled any way what with the Earthquake and Tsunami and all. All of my friends in Japan are fine. Fumiko (who lives in Tokyo) said her house shook terribly but other than that nothing. The rest of my friends live either on the west coast or down south. I've already made donations to the Red Cross. I'd offer something for auction, but real life, you know?

// Since the Japan trip is cancelled indefinately (meaning my school is no longer going to offer it) I decided to look again at some other trips. I've decided that I'm going to try for a 8 week internship in London next summer (2012). I'm hoping they'll have an internship with a museum I could do.

// So I've decided instead of lanquishing this summer to take up the Cello again. I used to play years ago and I loved it but circumstances prevented me from continuing. I'm going to find a private tutor and take up lessons again. I fear I've forgotten all I know, and of course I don't have my cello any more, but I'm really looking forward to it. Now I just need to find a teacher, haha.

// I may go on a trip with Erin this summer too, if she doesn't get a job with one of the National Parks like she wants. Erin is turning a little weird though. Maybe it's a good thing she's leaving because I'm not sure how long a shared background and proximity would have kept us as friends after all. She doesn't believe in taking medicine or eating chemicals (I take a ton of medication and I get the distinct impression that Erin does not approve of my hormone pills or my anti-depressants, she once implied that depression and OCD was something that people 'just needed to get over'). She's super animal-rights (I buy free range and organic when I can but frankly I want to solve human rights issues (such as human trafficking!)) She once told me that animal cruelty was in the same league as child pedophile! NO! NOT AT ALL! To be perfectly honest I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Erin has moved to a commune or something. It's getting that weird. Erin has never been very pragmatic though, and that's irritating. I'm a very pragmatic person at the end of the day.

// Going to IKEA and Anthropologie this weekend with my mom. We love IKEA so much, haha. We're such weirdos. Hahah.

// Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day. Do I own any green?

// Finally broke down and bought a year long paid membership. It's so nice not having any pesky ads.

// Yesterday Sabrina asked me if I was bringing a date to her wedding. I looked at her and said, "What on earth makes you think I'm bringing a date?". In the four years I've been at college I've been on two dates. When I mentioned that to my mom she said "Really? It's been that many?" Thanks mom. Apparently guys find me terrifying (according to Eric my gay friend). Maybe I should become a lesbian. I'm constantly being hit on by lesbians.
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Guess who's going to be spending six weeks in Japan this summer? That's right, ME!

I'm doing a study tour with my university, I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!

Here's a link to what the tour's about if you're interested: Clickie!

It's going to be so amazing!!!!! A friend of mine is going for the first part of the trip (it's a trip split in to two parts, three weeks touring Japan on the Rail system, three weeks with a family in Yatsushiro), so that will be awesome!

The last time I was in Japan I was by myself and it was only for two weeks so this is going to be SO MUCH BETTER and the last time was already FANTASTIC.


/uncontrollable excitement
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I leave tomorrow for D.C., but I return on Tuesday around 11. This is a short trip, haha. I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning though to catch my flight, bah. Oh but it's going to be so much fun going to the museums!!!! I fucking love museums. (Obviously since I want to work there, haha)

I should probably finish packing, right?

Now for some Pimpage:
I have a new Mix and 16 Xanxus icons up at [ profile] robbing_banks. Check them out yo!
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I've been so lazy about posting recently, haha. But school just started back, so I have an excuse, kinda. I'm pretty happy with my classes this semester. They look really interesting.

Intro. to Archaeology
Anthropology of Tourism
Chinese Culture from 1860
Soft Power and the Japanese Tea Ceremony

Two of these classes are Special Topics classes, can you guess which ones? Haha. (Hint: The weirder the title the more likely it is to be a Special Topics class)

I'm also really excited cause I leave for D.C. on Sunday! I'll only be there a couple of days but it should be fun. Museums, woot!
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I'm wrecking everything. I've been put back on academic probation. This is like the 3rd time since I started going to Uni. I think I'm seriously messed up in the head because everything will start perfectly fine, but next thing I know I sabotage myself and my grades instantly tank.

I've really managed to screw things up and waste a lot of my parents money.

Plus the new semester starts Wednesday and I still haven't completed all my course work for last semester.

And I got a D, a fucking D, in Anth. Theory. Luckily I can retake it, hopefully with a different teacher who is not nearly so much of a total bitch.

I'm hoping the work me and my doctor have done to regulate my medicine will help everything, but I know part of the problem lies with me, not just my anxiety and depression.

In good news I'm going to D.C. the 23rd through the 25th. If nothing else I have that to look forward to.
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The past three days I've barely been home.

Monday - Me and my Mom went shopping then to the chiropractor then I went out to eat with Erin and then me and Erin went shopping
Tuesday - 7 hours shopping with my Mom, 7 hours, 13 stores
Wednesday - Me and Daddy went shopping for Mom, then hair cut, then ice skating and dinner with Laurel (It was half price bottle of wine day at Sutton's, wohoo!). When I got home me and Mom wrapped some things.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina (also known as No-Man's Land). I haven't packed. I need to clean my room some. My iPod needs charging. What the hell am I doing?!?!?! And I'm sooooo tired. I got to bed at like 2 this morning and then got up at 9 to go shopping with Daddy. (And yes, I really do call my father Daddy, it's a southern thing (I also sometimes refer to my mom as Mama))

Still we did get really good gifts with all that shopping, which is good. And I got some pretty cute new clothes.

Anyways, I won't be back until the 28th soooo....

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I can't do this Hiatus. I AM A HIATUS FAILURE! I think I need to spend 40 or so minutes a day mindlessly wondering around LJ. OR ELSE I WILL GO INSANE AND START TEARING POOR DEFENSELESS STUFFED ANIMALS APART!

So screw you Hiatus. I never liked you anyway. OR YOUR FACE!

In other news I will be forced to be away from LJ this Thanksgiving Weekend. I am going to the far wilds where internet dare not tread; also known as my Mamaw's house. So maybe it's a little stupid to end my Hiatus now? Oh but here is my to-do list while I am there:

1. Read The Crysanthemum and The Sword
2. Read Journey to the West/Monkey
3. Read Japan as No. One - Lessons for the West
4. Read Writing About Art
5. Write Art History Essay
6. Write Anthropological History Short Paper 3
7. Write 4-6 Arts Asia Festival Reviews
8. Finish Writing KHR Halloween Fest piece (OMFG I suck for not doing this sooner. WHY MUST I BE SO LAZY BUSY!)
9. Eat Turkey and Get Fat

Ugh. Just Ugh.

In other news I'm thinking about creating a Comm for all my icons and fsts and stuff. What do you all think? Fic would probably still be posted here.

Also can anyone reccomend some good instrumental music that's NOT classical? I want some~
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It's been a pretty good few days, you know, when it's not sucking

♥ A couple months ago I posted about winning free tickets to a Maroon 5 concert and I took my BFF Erin. Well on Monday Erin won free tickets to a Michael Franti and Spearhead concert. The concert was a lot of fun, even if I did have to leave early because I had a test the next day. Plus the bartender gave me a free drink!

♥ I got a 94% on my Japanese Culture test. I would probably have gotten higher but I missed the three days right before the test

♥  I don't think I totally bomb my Chinese Culture test! Well, I probably wrangled a B at any rate.

♥ History of Japanese Painting is being offered next semester. Woot!

♥ My Jaw is feeling better.

♥ I got a 90% on my Anthropological Theory paper (okay I'm kinda pissed because it was an A+ paper, but whatever) and a 95% on my Chinese Culture paper.

♥ I've actually managed to work on some fics. I'm halfway done with the sequel to Bail. I'll also be ready to post my Chrome FST in the next couple of days.

♥ Anthropology School is offering a course on the Anthropology of Tourism. Sounds Fun!

♥ Me and my dad have begun planning our trip to D.C. in January. (Planning trips is so much fun for me)

I think that's everything.

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I'm visiting my mamaw (the southern way of saying grandma if you don't know) next week. I leave tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it. I mean I love her to death, but all of my OCD and anxiety are pretty much inherited from her. We're both high-strung people and putting two of those together is never a good thing. PLUS she's lives out in the boondocks of North Carolina. There's not really anyone my age around, and the couple of kids who are always have jobs and stuff (I don't know where the hell they find these jobs since this place IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE). There is no internet and no cell phone reception. She does have a satellite dish, but only because my mother bought and pays for it.

It's not so bad I guess, I mean I'll have my laptop which means I can work on my fics, and I'll have my DS (and I'm stealing my brother's copy of Disgaea DS). I'll also have my iPod, and I'll probably go on a couple hikes with it. And my mamaw's cat just had kittens, and kittens are always fun. Mostly it's just that the only contact I'll have is with my mamaw and my aunt. (who I love but who are old)

Now to the point of this post: I won't be be on lj for a week, very sad.

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We just left the Cape and are headed to Boston. Boston is one of my most favorite cities in the world, it has museums, excellent shopping, history, food, atmosphere, plus we get to stay at my rich uncle's house.

My dad has promised me a shopping trip at anthropologie and I want to go to Faneuill Hall, so I'll be spending lots of money I don't have.

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