Vacay time!

Jul. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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// Leaving today for vacation! We'll be heading up to the Adirondacks and Lake George then we'll be going to Cape Cod. We won't be back until the 17th.

// The house does not have internet unfortunately. However I will have my Smart Phone with me and it does get the internet. LJ is actually pretty easy to use on my phone so I'll still be around, maybe.

// Non-Vacation News: Since Sabrina couldn't make it to my party we went out for dinner at out favorite Indian place, where she insisted on paying and we went through a whole ordeal when the check came. Before that I went to her house to buy some Depression Glass that she had. She collects the stuff but she said she had way too much of it so she was selling some. It's very pretty. I bought Pink Madrid cake plates/saucers and Iridescent Normandie cake plates/saucers. We bought a large serving bowl too but Sabrina didn't know what pattern it was.

// Got a new mani/pedi done. My nails are bright blue and my toes are bright purple. I like bright colors, lol.

// I bought two new dresses! I love dresses xD

// I have officially met my goal of losing 10 pounds this summer! Now I want to try to lose 5 more before I got to New York!

// Finally got a hostel booked for New York. It took forever to find a place! Everywhere was booked it seemed! Me and Laurel decided on spending 4 full days there. We'll be gone 6 days though because the train is a full day (13-14 hours) each way.
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I put up a new layout. I decided that I need something lighter and brighter for spring. What do you all think?

Thanks all for making me feel better. I'm glad I got that off my chest and now I'm feeling a lot more optimistic. This may or may not have something to do with the shopping spree me and my mom went on yesterday.

I'm hoping with that with break I'll have a chance to work on my writing more. It's a lot harder to work on fic when I know I have an anthropology paper I should be working on instead, haha.

I am almost done with a Moriarty mix, if you're in to the Sherlock fandom at all.

Shit I'm on a music spree right now. Been DL-ing some mixes, listening to a lot of stuff, coming up with all sorts of mix ideas. How can people not be as obsessed with music as me? I find this perplexing. I'm currently looping Greg Laswell and Michael Buble. They're soothing~

Been working on cleaning my room. It relaxes me so much, *sigh*. What doesn't relax me is the fact that my closet is full to bursting and I still have two laundry baskets worth of stuff to hang. flails and dies
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// My back! Ack! I did something to it and now it hurts!!! I went to the chiropractor though and he put magic tape on it. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! It reduces swelling, tightness, and pain like *snaps fingers* that!

// Spent the weekend in Cincy. Went to the Kenwood Mall (which is practically my dream mall, for reals). I bought a top and pair of shorts at Anthropologie. A top a Francesca's. and two tops, pair of pants, and a headband (to go with my dress for Sabrina's wedding) at H&M. Well I shouldn't say I bought, because my mom paid, haha.

// We also went to the Cincy Zoo. We saw baby gibbons, a baby giraffe, and baby bonobos! OMG so cute!

Okay, so the gibbon is now much bigger than this, but it's just as cute, seriously.

// Tomorrow I go to Cheapside for Sarah's B-day. Holy crap, do I need to get her a present? Shit! What to do, what to do?!

// I'm about 1900 words in to my girl!Sherlock crack piece. It's a very strange crack piece though because it's crack that takes itself seriously. Yeah. That's how I roll, baby! (WTF?)

// I am tired... A storm kept me tossing and turning last night, and the tossing and turning hurt my back ;_;

// Wondering if I should start playing MMORPGs again. I stopped because my old computer was crap, but now with this shiny new one I wonder if I should start back up. What should I play if I do though?
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// I caught the flu last week. Fabulous. But I'm better now, so yay?

// It's Spring Break and I've done nothing. Mainly because I'm still getting over being sick.

// Got a hair cut last Saturday. I only got about two inches cut off but damn does my hair seem shorter D: Still I had to get my discolored and broken ends off.

// Shit I have a lot to accomplish. I have about three fics I need to be working on. School work (blargh). Cleaning my room. Dying my hair. Painting my bathroom. Ugh. SO MUCH TO DO!

// Erin got in to the University of Hawaii. I'm happy and really sad at the same time. I don't want her to leave me! I have so much trouble making friends and she's been my friend for over ten years now. My best friend for five! Plus two of my other really close friends are leaving too. Sabrina is moving to Georgia to study Botany and Laurel is, well I'm not sure where she's going but she wants to get a job out of town. When did all my friends start growing up into responsible adults?

// Speaking of Sabrina, her Bridal shower is in a week and a half. In Louisville. Jeez. That's over an hour away. Becca is hosting so I guess that's why but shouldn't the Bridal shower be in the same city as the bride? I still need to find a dress for the wedding as well.

// So I'm kinda over the whole Japan trip thing. I figure it would have been cancelled any way what with the Earthquake and Tsunami and all. All of my friends in Japan are fine. Fumiko (who lives in Tokyo) said her house shook terribly but other than that nothing. The rest of my friends live either on the west coast or down south. I've already made donations to the Red Cross. I'd offer something for auction, but real life, you know?

// Since the Japan trip is cancelled indefinately (meaning my school is no longer going to offer it) I decided to look again at some other trips. I've decided that I'm going to try for a 8 week internship in London next summer (2012). I'm hoping they'll have an internship with a museum I could do.

// So I've decided instead of lanquishing this summer to take up the Cello again. I used to play years ago and I loved it but circumstances prevented me from continuing. I'm going to find a private tutor and take up lessons again. I fear I've forgotten all I know, and of course I don't have my cello any more, but I'm really looking forward to it. Now I just need to find a teacher, haha.

// I may go on a trip with Erin this summer too, if she doesn't get a job with one of the National Parks like she wants. Erin is turning a little weird though. Maybe it's a good thing she's leaving because I'm not sure how long a shared background and proximity would have kept us as friends after all. She doesn't believe in taking medicine or eating chemicals (I take a ton of medication and I get the distinct impression that Erin does not approve of my hormone pills or my anti-depressants, she once implied that depression and OCD was something that people 'just needed to get over'). She's super animal-rights (I buy free range and organic when I can but frankly I want to solve human rights issues (such as human trafficking!)) She once told me that animal cruelty was in the same league as child pedophile! NO! NOT AT ALL! To be perfectly honest I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Erin has moved to a commune or something. It's getting that weird. Erin has never been very pragmatic though, and that's irritating. I'm a very pragmatic person at the end of the day.

// Going to IKEA and Anthropologie this weekend with my mom. We love IKEA so much, haha. We're such weirdos. Hahah.

// Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day. Do I own any green?

// Finally broke down and bought a year long paid membership. It's so nice not having any pesky ads.

// Yesterday Sabrina asked me if I was bringing a date to her wedding. I looked at her and said, "What on earth makes you think I'm bringing a date?". In the four years I've been at college I've been on two dates. When I mentioned that to my mom she said "Really? It's been that many?" Thanks mom. Apparently guys find me terrifying (according to Eric my gay friend). Maybe I should become a lesbian. I'm constantly being hit on by lesbians.
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The past three days I've barely been home.

Monday - Me and my Mom went shopping then to the chiropractor then I went out to eat with Erin and then me and Erin went shopping
Tuesday - 7 hours shopping with my Mom, 7 hours, 13 stores
Wednesday - Me and Daddy went shopping for Mom, then hair cut, then ice skating and dinner with Laurel (It was half price bottle of wine day at Sutton's, wohoo!). When I got home me and Mom wrapped some things.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina (also known as No-Man's Land). I haven't packed. I need to clean my room some. My iPod needs charging. What the hell am I doing?!?!?! And I'm sooooo tired. I got to bed at like 2 this morning and then got up at 9 to go shopping with Daddy. (And yes, I really do call my father Daddy, it's a southern thing (I also sometimes refer to my mom as Mama))

Still we did get really good gifts with all that shopping, which is good. And I got some pretty cute new clothes.

Anyways, I won't be back until the 28th soooo....

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Went to the mall with my mom today after my chiropractor appointment. He cracked my back so much. It was painful ;_;

At the mall my mom bought me some super cute booots that I'm gonna wear for my TYL!Chrome cosplay. I also bought a really pretty indigo shirt that's perfect for it.

Right now I have all the most expensive parts of the cosplay; Suit, Shirt, Boots. I still need the eyepatch and mist ring as well as a tie. I want to have her trident as well but the ones you can buy are really expensive however I don't think I can make one. My artistic talents fall more in the singing/painting categories rather than woodworking or something. I've decided to die my hair instead of buying a wig. All of the wigs are just so purple and I see Chrome's hair as being more black with a purple sheen. My hair is long enough too with the proper kind of bangs so this seems like the best choice (cheaper too).

 I think I might buy a broach or a tie tack to go with the tie. Give it more of a funky feel to go with the boots.

These are the boots BTW:

I figure Chrome would outgrow the military style boots at some point. (Plus I just fuckng love these boots)

I also got a super cute skirt that has nothing to do with my costume. The skirt is a little too big but it was a final sale item so it as super cheap. I'll have to alter it but that won't be too hard. I'm pretty handy with a needle and thread.


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