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It's Monday! Yay! (No!)

+ I probably did not fail my test in my Methods of Soft Power and the Japanese Tea Ceremony class. Yeah. That's a class.

+ I should be working on my Chinese culture take home exam, but I is laaaa~zy. And it's not due until two tomorrow. I swear if it weren't for the prospect of imminent failure looming in front of me I'd never get anything done.

+ Scheduled two doctor's appointments for the next week. One is with my endocrinologist, so that's nothing new, but one is with a dermatologist. I'm so freaking pissed of. I used to have horrible acne, but then it cleared up in High School and I had fabulous skin, now the acne is back and it's awful. Apparently my PCOS can cause acne, but I'm not waiting for the endocrinologist to suggest me more pills that DON'T FUCKING WORK! I'm a tad upset that I've been seeing this guy for 6 mos with NOTHING to show for it.

+ I've been writing! Shocking! Don't have a heart attack, haha. But seriously, I'm 3/4ths of the way done with a fic. My first in months! I'm a little ashamed to admit that actually. I also now have all these ideas for a KHR/White Collar crossover, so we'll see how that goes. I run out of steam with them half way through so nothings really useable yet, ugh.

+ Caught up with my manga, now I just need to catch up on Star Driver and I'm set, you know, until I get behind again dies
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Sorry for unintentionally vanishing from LJ for two weeks. I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON!

But, I come baring excuses reasons!

Right after I got back from my trip to D.C. (which was AMAZING) I got sick. Really, really sick. Missed a week and a half of school and three rounds of antibiotics sick. It was awful, but I did lose 5 pounds xD

So I had a ton of make-up school work. That was also terrible.

Speaking of School I have two take home tests this weekend and a test tomorrow at at school. Ack!

Went a a Mr. T Party yesterday, which is basically a Tea Party where everyone dresses up like Mr. T and we watch a lot of the A-Team plus Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, while drinking tea and eating scones with icing mohawks.

To make my costume I went to Micheal's Craft Store to buy a lot of chains and feathers. The conversation with the cashier went like this:

Cashier: What are you making?
Me: A Mr. T costume.
Cashier: Why?
Me: What else would you wear to a Tea Party?
Cashier: o.O

I'm so behind on everything! I need to read two weeks of manga chapters and watch two weeks worth of shows! (Plus do my homework)

Obsessing over the Drive-by Truckers. Great band!

Hopefully I'll be sticking around, no more mysteriously vanishing off the face of the earth.
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kill me now pls

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Why can't I do anything without some sort of deadline or imminent prospect of failing to motivate me.

I did get some work done on my story Simplicity, but not as much as I'd like. I think I've hit a mental wall with it so I'm gonna try to work on something else. And I'm actually almost done with my Mukuro FST, BUT I CAN'T FIND THIS STUPID GREENDAY SONG I NEED. I do not want to dl the whole album it's on, cause I'd just delete it, but I guess that's what I'll do.

In University News:

In my Anthropological Theory class I have to write a paper and prepare to debate on Lewis Morgan, a Victorian era anthropologist who is considered the father of Kinship studies. I WANTED DARWIN DAMNIT! I know everthing about Darwin. The paper is due 9 am Tuesday. I have not started *dies*

Other classes are good, EXCEPT MY HAND IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF FROM ALL THE STUPID NOTES I'M TAKING! Plus I'm printing off about 30 pages or more worth of readings and powerpoints a week, cause I hate reading academic stuff on my laptop.

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I actually got back Monday evening, but then I got sick. Summer colds are the worst. Also, I got distracted by the Sims. I'm so freakin' addicted to that game *dies*.

On Saturday I leave for an overnight trip with my two best friends to the Cumberland Falls, the only place in the western hemisphere where you can see a Moonbow, but I swear to post a fic before then, I'm just being lazy right now because LJ is being such a pain in the ass about formatting and cutting and I don't have the patience to deal with it.

Now I'm going to go play more Sims 3.


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Without a regular job (I babysit occassionally but that's it) I've turned out to be so lazy this summer. Seriously. The only things I've managed to accomplish are writing a few stories, which really isn't much of an accomplishment when I think about it.

I do nothing all day except sleep and troll the internet. Maybe I should try to find a job, except no where I'd be willing to work is hiring. (Because I tell you right now I'm never working at wal-mart.)

In other news my best friend is moving into an apartment from her mother's house, yet somehow half her stuff has ended up in my garage. How did that happen?


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