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|| So my knee still really fucking hurts. Not only that but it pops a lot when I walk and every now and then it just feels like it gets all week. I'm afraid to climb stairs because it especially acts funky then and I'm scared of falling. I've been putting off starting physical therapy because I thought it might heal by itself, but I'm pretty much convinced now that it won't. I guess I'll have to start looking in to some therapists. But OMG I don't wanna.

|| So other than my knee being a bitch I'm doing ok. I'm not sick anymore so that's good. Unfortunately when I was sick last week I missed my Italian midterm, so I gotta make that sucker up tomorrow, ugh.

|| I finally caught up to S2 of Hawaii Five-0. I don't totally hate the season but I do have some issues, mostly with this new character Lori. I don't hate her cause she's new or cause she flirts with Steve, like 80 percent of the fandom, it's just that she's such a weak character. Supposedly she's there to keep an eye on 5-0 and report back to the new governor, but she hasn't done any of that. Then there's the fact she's some kind of profiler, except she never actually has any insights in to the criminals or the victims. Honest to god Danny last season seemed better with people than she does. Then there is her personality, she doesn't have one. I'm not sure if the writers just aren't sure what they want to do with her yet or if the actress is truly that wooden, but it's not good.

I don't hate the idea of Lori's character, it's just that she brings nothing new to the show. I either want her to gain a personality and some purpose in the show or I want her to leave, I'd be happy with either! Plus they really cut down on Danny, Kono, and Chin's scenes in order to include her and I just don't like that.

Well, the haven't added her to the main credits so I'm hopeful she is not a permanent fixture. Maybe she'll become just a recurring character and not one of the mains? That would be good.

Whatever, the first few eps of the season sucked but it seems to slowly be getting better, so here's hoping.

|| Wow, above long rant was long xD

|| I'm starting a new low-carb diet, well not really a diet, more like a lifestyle change. My doctor recommended it to me because I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Apparently people with PCOS are more prone to diabetes so my doctor said I should eat less sugar and carbs to cut down on my insulin levels. PCOS sufferers often have fluctuating insulin levels which apparently is bad.

Whatever, I just hope I manage to lose weight too. I wouldn't mind losing ten pounds, lol.

|| I'm about 400 words in to my Suits Christmas Exchange fic, but I have the whole thing plotted out already. I'm going to be honest, I don't think I've ever written anything this fluffy in my life. We are talking tiny babbeh kittens level of fluff here.

If my fic was a picture of kittens it would be this one:

Yeah, it's that fluffy.

|| I should probably be working on the papers I have due for my classes but I'm tired and lazy.

|| Car shopping this weekend, very exciting!!!! I am so fucking sick of sharing with my dad, ugh. HE'S NEVER ON TIME FOR ANYTHING!
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We've always known there was something wrong with me, aside from the Obessive Compulsive Disorder, the Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and my strange ability to attract all freaks within a five mile radius (seriously, I get followed around by schizophrenic homeless dudes on a depressingly regular basis). Turns out I have dysgraphia (probably). Which means I can't write for shit, yay! Literally this means that I can't write. My hand writing sucks and is irregular, I write slowly, I can't read cursive or write it, my spelling is atrocious, I leave out words and write the wrong words/letters, and my arm hurts after a short period of writing. We suspected I had a learning disability, but since my reading level is so high and my visual learning is fine (although I'm actually an auditory learner) we couldn't really understand it. But it's probably Dysgraphia, a relatively recent discovery, so recent that many states don't recognize it as a disability in schools yet.

My specific type of dysgraphia is dyslexic dysgraphia (which has nothing to do with dyslexia).

Ripped from Wiki:
With dyslexic dysgraphia, spontaneously written work is illegible, copied work is fairly good, and spelling is bad. Finger tapping speed (a method for identifying fine motor problems) is normal, indicating the deficit does not likely stem from cerebellar damage. A dyslexic dysgraphic does not necessarily have dyslexia.

I'm better at typing by far, btw, although I still triple check all my posts before clicking Post. Errors still get through though.

At least I don't have cerebellar damage. That would suck.

Kitten Watch '10: The cats still aren't getting along and Turtle is driving me crazy wanting to play at 3 in the morning. But she's still so cute! And I don't think my dog even knows we have a new kitten.

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I'm so ridiculously excited! My grandma's cat had kittens about three months ago and when we went to visit her I brought one home. Her name is Turtle because she has a tortoiseshell patterned coat. She's absolutely adorable. The only problem is my other cat hates her and she's afraid of my dog.

That and I keep referring to her as a him.


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