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Over to the left are links to my brand new communities.

[ profile] robbing_banks is for graphics, mixes, etc. I just posted a new, never before seen, mix to it. Check it out yo!

[ profile] psychopompnovel is for my novel I'm working on. I'd love it if even on person checked it out, although right now there isn't much there, the first chapter will be released shortly.

I am still working on fic, which will continue to be posted here.

Also: Thanks a lot [ profile] daigranon. You got my into Star Driver and now I can't help but love the flamboyant silly-seriousness that is it.
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It's officially Oct. 25. WTF? Where did October go? Crap, crap, crap. I haven't even done the decorations for Halloween yet, usually I have a bunch up. Not to mention I haven't even started on my fic for the KHR Halloween exchange. Fuck! And SugoiCon is in less than two weeks! I need to finish my costume, and look around at hotels since the convention one is booked up. Plus with November comes a lot of work for my classes. Nooooo! I'm never taking so many paper writing centric classes again!

Also: People call and ask me to babysit, cause I am BROKE! I'm not gonna be able to buy much at the convention, *sniff*

Also II: I know I promised to have my Chrome FST up but iTunes is being a little bitch.

My life is getting away from me. I need to clean my room. (That always makes me feel better)
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School starts the 25th. BE THE 25TH ALREADY! My life is so boring when I'm not in classes, plus my classes this semester are so AWESOME. for the first time in three years I'm totally happy with my courses.

What I'm taking:
A-H 102 - History of Asian Art
ANT 301 - Anthropological Theory
ANT/JPN 321 - History of Japan Post Meiji Restoration (already took the pre meiji)
CHI 330 - History of China Pre 1850
FA 400 - Asia Arts Festival Paper (This class is awesome because I go to 8-10 events during the two week long Asia Arts Festival then write a 15 page paper and I get three credit hours)

No math, no science, no economics or logic or language to bring down my GPA, just good old Social Sciences, YES!

Start school, START! I want to see my friends and experiance campus life again. I want to talk to the Anthropology proffessors and Inoue-sensei. I want to go back to JCiKS (My school organization). I EVEN WANT HOMEWORK JUST TO EASE THE BOREDOM! 




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So I went back to buy THE HAT and they didn't have it! *cries* Good news is the sell it online, bad news is I'll have to pay shipping, grrr.

Tomorrow is going to be a super fun day for me, here's my to-do list:

1. Go to the bank
2. Get gas
3. Laundry
4. More laundry
5. Iron stuff (Ugh!)
6. Pack
7. Clean out the car
8. Pay bills
9. Pack the car
10. Get mani/pedi
11. Have dinner with Erin
12. Help Erin move

Erin is so lucky she's my hetero. life partner or else I'd be all 'Bitch! Move yourself!"

After that super fun day I have two days worth of driving up to Cape Cod!

I love the Cape, I hate the drive.
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Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn

1. Good Men - Fernando Plumerri is a good man, and much to his surprise so is Tsunayoshi Sawada. 10%
2. Bentornato - Whether he likes it or not Mukuro is coming home. 0%

1. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Son - a mix for Tsuna and Reborn 15%
2. Wayward Daughters - a mix for the women of KHR 5%

Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn/White Collar

Untitled - Joint project with [ profile] daigranon. I have no idea how far we are in to this, haha

Sherlock (BBC)

1. Compassion - Compassion, for Sherlock, is a foreign language. 15%
2. Mrs Hudson Takes the Case - When a theft occurs at her weekly book club it's up to Mrs Hudson to solve it!0%

1. The Nature of My Game - a mix for Moriarty 80%


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