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|| I should be doing my term paper on Hokusai, but instead I am procrastinating! Fuck yeah!

|| Halloween! I passed out candy BUT WE RAN OUT 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF TRICK OR TREATING! I BOUGHT OVER 300 PIECES. And now there is no left over candy :C

|| Suggest Tumblr blogs for me to follow. I'm starting to get the hang of tumblr but would like more to explore. Ya'll know what's relevant to my interests, lol.

|| So I ended up spending 120 dollars on a new radio for my car, which suuucksss, but it does sound awesome, so yay?

|| SugoiCon this weekend. I'M REALLY NOT PREPARED.

|| Hawaii Five-0 tonight was pretty good but my dislike for Lori has only solidified. I think it's a combination of poor writing and poor acting, which basically just means there is nothing to redeem her at all.

|| There was something else. I know there was something else, but now I can't think of it, grrr.

|| Okay, I might have had a bit of that Halloween candy myself, and then some soda to wash it down. I FEEL SO HYPER!
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HOLY CRAP! There is only ONE more week of classes and then a week of finals!

Sabrina's wedding is in 3 weeks! OMG! I still need shoes and bag and a gift!

Just finished my 5 page paper on The Aesthetics of Chanoyu. WHY ARE MY CLASSES SO WEIRD?

I have TWO projects due next week! They're group projects thank god!

Because of those two projects I can't go to my grandmother's for Easter! I AM GOING TO BE ALONE ALL WEEKEND! I'm lonely~

I have two Chinese movies to watch before tomorrow. Ugh. They are subtitles it's just that the movies seem kind of boring.

A Panda Express just opened in the Student Center. I haven't gotten to eat there yet because it's been swarmed. I want to try it~

If you like Sherlock (BBC) check out [ profile] robbing_banks. I posted a Sherlock Fanmix a few days ago.

Speaking of Sherlock I'm 5000 words in to a fic that was suppose to be like 3000. AND I'M NOT EVEN DONE YET! I'm too damn wordy.

Might go see a movie this weekend. What should I see?
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Sorry this is kinda late, I was getting over a hangover. New Year's Eve parties are best with alcohol, haha.

My Resolutions:
1. Give up Soda
2. Take medication regularly
3. Do better in school (meaning don't sabotaoge myself halfway through the semester)

What are your resolutions?
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The past three days I've barely been home.

Monday - Me and my Mom went shopping then to the chiropractor then I went out to eat with Erin and then me and Erin went shopping
Tuesday - 7 hours shopping with my Mom, 7 hours, 13 stores
Wednesday - Me and Daddy went shopping for Mom, then hair cut, then ice skating and dinner with Laurel (It was half price bottle of wine day at Sutton's, wohoo!). When I got home me and Mom wrapped some things.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina (also known as No-Man's Land). I haven't packed. I need to clean my room some. My iPod needs charging. What the hell am I doing?!?!?! And I'm sooooo tired. I got to bed at like 2 this morning and then got up at 9 to go shopping with Daddy. (And yes, I really do call my father Daddy, it's a southern thing (I also sometimes refer to my mom as Mama))

Still we did get really good gifts with all that shopping, which is good. And I got some pretty cute new clothes.

Anyways, I won't be back until the 28th soooo....

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and, uh, LJ Hiatus?

The month of November is going to be hell. I have a ton to do. I have a paper due in Anthropological Theory on Tuesday, SugoiCon on Friday-Sunday, Asian Arts Festival and several papers for it next week, Papers for Art History, Japanese Culture, and Chinese Culture. My Story for the KHR Exchange (shit, shit, shit I need to do that). I will be back briefly to post pictures from SugoiCon, and I may occassionally post comments on your journals, but other than that I shall vanish, probably for the next month and a half. Next semester I'm not taking so many hours though so life will be better. Hopefully *dies*
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It's officially Oct. 25. WTF? Where did October go? Crap, crap, crap. I haven't even done the decorations for Halloween yet, usually I have a bunch up. Not to mention I haven't even started on my fic for the KHR Halloween exchange. Fuck! And SugoiCon is in less than two weeks! I need to finish my costume, and look around at hotels since the convention one is booked up. Plus with November comes a lot of work for my classes. Nooooo! I'm never taking so many paper writing centric classes again!

Also: People call and ask me to babysit, cause I am BROKE! I'm not gonna be able to buy much at the convention, *sniff*

Also II: I know I promised to have my Chrome FST up but iTunes is being a little bitch.

My life is getting away from me. I need to clean my room. (That always makes me feel better)


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