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Over to the left are links to my brand new communities.

[ profile] robbing_banks is for graphics, mixes, etc. I just posted a new, never before seen, mix to it. Check it out yo!

[ profile] psychopompnovel is for my novel I'm working on. I'd love it if even on person checked it out, although right now there isn't much there, the first chapter will be released shortly.

I am still working on fic, which will continue to be posted here.

Also: Thanks a lot [ profile] daigranon. You got my into Star Driver and now I can't help but love the flamboyant silly-seriousness that is it.
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It's hot. Really hot. 90 degrees was today's high, and last I checked it's September 23rd. I'm tired of being hot. I'm tired of summer, for many reasons; 1. It's hard to focus on school when it still feels like I should be wading in the stream near my house, 2. I want to wear layers again, and make-up, without dying of heat stroke, 3. It's just too freaking hot.

Autumn, you are welcome here, so please, settle in Kentucky.

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I ran a lot of errands today. I had to go to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, Target, and my dad's office. I am tired. *phew*

In completely unrelated news:


It's from Anthropologie, one of my most favorite stores IN THE WORLD. Unfortunately it costs 118 dollars. *dies*

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Me and Laurel went to a dueling piano bar tonight because Laurel has to write about it in the newpaper she's interning at. The bar was fun but after one cocktail and one guinness I was feeling ridiculously tipsy. Not a good thing when you're wearing five inch heels. Usually I can hold more than that, so I was confused.

Later when I got home I looked at my medication. Apparently they both have a side effect that causes dizziness, which I usually only experiance if I take the medication on an empty stomach. Alcohol compounds this effect greatly.

Basically I shouldn't drink much after taking my pills.

Also: The ad on my screen is one of those public service ones saying 'Buzzed driving is drunk driving'. Ironic, right?

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I actually got back Monday evening, but then I got sick. Summer colds are the worst. Also, I got distracted by the Sims. I'm so freakin' addicted to that game *dies*.

On Saturday I leave for an overnight trip with my two best friends to the Cumberland Falls, the only place in the western hemisphere where you can see a Moonbow, but I swear to post a fic before then, I'm just being lazy right now because LJ is being such a pain in the ass about formatting and cutting and I don't have the patience to deal with it.

Now I'm going to go play more Sims 3.


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We just left the Cape and are headed to Boston. Boston is one of my most favorite cities in the world, it has museums, excellent shopping, history, food, atmosphere, plus we get to stay at my rich uncle's house.

My dad has promised me a shopping trip at anthropologie and I want to go to Faneuill Hall, so I'll be spending lots of money I don't have.

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Finally I am 21. Bring on the Vodka!

Incidentally posting from my cellphone is hard.

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I just wanted to use the word nigh.

It's almost 4 in the morning, I haven't done any packing, we leave in less the 6 hours, I haven't slept. Sounds like a good way to start a vacation to me.

In my diffence Erin just gave me her flash drive with a bunch of music so I've been transferring it to my laptop, not to mention she kept me out until 1:30 in the morning helping her move and listen to her bitch about her mom (who is admittedly very bitch worthy). Oh well, I had fun, and I didn't actually do much moving of anything, mostly we just talked, hah hah.

God I forgot how much I love Phantom Planet. Such an awesome band!

I'm very ADD at 4 in the morning.

So in Cape Cod we stay at a wonderful beach house, with no internet. It's terrible. (There's also no A.C.) There is a starbucks in town, but I probably won't be posting on here if I take my laptop there.

I really need to go pack now. Ugh.
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So I went back to buy THE HAT and they didn't have it! *cries* Good news is the sell it online, bad news is I'll have to pay shipping, grrr.

Tomorrow is going to be a super fun day for me, here's my to-do list:

1. Go to the bank
2. Get gas
3. Laundry
4. More laundry
5. Iron stuff (Ugh!)
6. Pack
7. Clean out the car
8. Pay bills
9. Pack the car
10. Get mani/pedi
11. Have dinner with Erin
12. Help Erin move

Erin is so lucky she's my hetero. life partner or else I'd be all 'Bitch! Move yourself!"

After that super fun day I have two days worth of driving up to Cape Cod!

I love the Cape, I hate the drive.
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One of my friends just recently got engaged to her boyfriend of two years (finally!). It's all very exciting as I've been saying for the past year that those two need to get married already.
So last wednesday we had a potluck (mmm, potluck) at our friend Karla's apartment (which is soon to be my best friend Erin's apartment too). After the potluck, as me, Erin, and Sabrina (the girl getting married) are trying to figure out whose taking Sabrina home, Sabrina suddenly asks us something.

"Would you two like to be ushers at my wedding?"
"Sure." We both say.
"Aren't ushers usually guys?" I ask.
"Well, you're my guys, right?" Sabrina is very odd I should mention.
So now I get to be an usher at a wedding.

Then she sends out an email, she's been testing palettes of colors at some weird color website and wants our opinion (the bridesmaids and ushers). In the email she says that ushers (me and Erin only apparently) won't have to wear special dresses (think you Jesus!) but we'll be given corsages to show that we belong to the wedding mafia (her exact words).
It made me laugh.
I have a vision of us all wearing fedora's to the wedding (dyed to match our shoes of course) and having guns strapped to our thighs under the dresses.

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Today me and my mom went to the mall for the first time after her knee replacement surgery. We stopped in at ALDO, because I love shoes more than food, and I bought a super cute pair of blue shoes, and that's when I saw it. There on the men's side of the store (I have different ideas about gender-appropriateness when it comes to clothes and shoes and often shop in the men's sections) was THE HAT!

THE HAT! was an excellent black fedora that fit me perfectly and looked so fantastic. I wanted THE HAT! so badly, but! I was broke because I just spent 20 dollars on a pair of (admittedly awesome) shoes. My mom had already bought me a super cute top and some make-up from Urban Decay (god I love Sephora), so I couldn't ask her since supposedly we are saving money for our vacation to Cape Cod in July (not to mention if she doesn't volunteer I don't like to ask.).

THE HAT! (which is so totally beyond perfect for my Reborn cosplay once I had a yellow ribbon) was 25 bucks, not much, except I am broke broke broke!

BUT! I babysit next Wednesday, which means Thursday I am getting THE HAT! (if they still have it) (OMG they better still have it!).

(Incidentally, I love parenthesis)

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Without a regular job (I babysit occassionally but that's it) I've turned out to be so lazy this summer. Seriously. The only things I've managed to accomplish are writing a few stories, which really isn't much of an accomplishment when I think about it.

I do nothing all day except sleep and troll the internet. Maybe I should try to find a job, except no where I'd be willing to work is hiring. (Because I tell you right now I'm never working at wal-mart.)

In other news my best friend is moving into an apartment from her mother's house, yet somehow half her stuff has ended up in my garage. How did that happen?
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I'm currently trying to work on about five different stories at once, it's not working out. I suck. My attention span has gone to crap lately. I can't focus on anything, except cleaning.

Clearly I need to start taking my meds again, everytime I try to write I get disctracted by something I need to organize or alphabetize.

Now for some good and bad news.

Good news: I'm going to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert tomorrow with Laurel.
Bad news: It's been raining for three days, my hair is huge.
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So I spent the last week at my Mamaw's, to help her around the house. I love her to death but man, a week without internet or cellphone reception is hard! I did however beat two more Gym leaders in Pokemon Pearl. Yes I still play Pearl, although my brother has promised me HG for my birthday in July (I think he may have ulterior motives though because he has SS and now that I have my own DS he wants to trade all the time).

The trip wasn't so bad, although a little boring, until yesterday, when I slipped and fell on some concrete steps. I banged my side real bad and now it hurts like a MF, plus I reek of all the bengay I've slathered on it. My dad is freaking out thinking I cracked a rib, but this is the same man who thought I had diabetes because I drank two gallons of water one day.

Still, I won't be much good for anything probably for a day or two while this massive bruise heals up (it's one of the more impressive bruises I've ever had (and I've had a lot)). But maybe I'll use this time to write some? Although sitting hunched over my laptop is proving to be a bit of a pain.


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