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I know I'm on a little break BUT MY STUPID HAIR DYE DID NOT COME OUT RIGHT! My hair is now a cool (as in opposite of warm) black tone rather than dark purple LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE! ARGH!

This is terrible! I don't have time to fix it before SugoiCon.

Oh well. Chrome in the manga color spreads always seems to have black hair anyway. I'll just say I'm Chrome from the manga rather than the anime.

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► I have a midterm tomorrow in Japanese Culture that I have not studied for. Wah!

► I have missed a week of classes because of my dislocated jaw and and upper respiratory infection. I now take about 10 pills a day of various medications.

► One of these medications is a sleeping pill. Unfortunately another of these is a steriod (for my jaw) the steriod keeps me up the sleeping pill tries to make me sleep, their duking it out with me in the middle.

► My Chiropractor adjusted my jaw today to try to make it better. Yeah, that hurt like a bitch.

► Once again, MIDTERMS!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

► I'm almost done with my Chrome FST. Actually that's a lie, but I have the cover done (actually two covers so please vote for the best below) and I've picked all the songs. I'll try to have it up this weekend.

► I've also gained a little more inspiration for writing. Been working on the sequel to Bail. I need to be working on my fic for the KHR Halloween Exchange. I actually have a really good idea for it. I'm so lazy.

► Bought a tie and tie clip at this Vintage store I LOVE for my cosplay. The tie is not black. It's dark blue with lighter blue (the exact shade of my shirt) and white flowers. It's so perfect. I was gonna upload a pic, but I put my card in my other (nicer) camera that is currently located at my dad's office. Maybe I'll remember later. So now all I need is the dye, the eyepatch and the ring. I better get ordering.

NOW: Please vote for which cover you prefer for my Chrome FST


I know which I prefer, but what do you all think? The final ones will be much bigger btw.

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Went to the mall with my mom today after my chiropractor appointment. He cracked my back so much. It was painful ;_;

At the mall my mom bought me some super cute booots that I'm gonna wear for my TYL!Chrome cosplay. I also bought a really pretty indigo shirt that's perfect for it.

Right now I have all the most expensive parts of the cosplay; Suit, Shirt, Boots. I still need the eyepatch and mist ring as well as a tie. I want to have her trident as well but the ones you can buy are really expensive however I don't think I can make one. My artistic talents fall more in the singing/painting categories rather than woodworking or something. I've decided to die my hair instead of buying a wig. All of the wigs are just so purple and I see Chrome's hair as being more black with a purple sheen. My hair is long enough too with the proper kind of bangs so this seems like the best choice (cheaper too).

 I think I might buy a broach or a tie tack to go with the tie. Give it more of a funky feel to go with the boots.

These are the boots BTW:

I figure Chrome would outgrow the military style boots at some point. (Plus I just fuckng love these boots)

I also got a super cute skirt that has nothing to do with my costume. The skirt is a little too big but it was a final sale item so it as super cheap. I'll have to alter it but that won't be too hard. I'm pretty handy with a needle and thread.

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Once again we got a lot going down, so list format!

1. Went and saw The Sorceror's Apprentice at the dollar theater. The movie was surprisingly AWESOME! And sooo funny. I nearly snorted soda out my nose during some parts. May do a drabble or two for this.

2. I bought a suit! It's a skirt suit and it's awesome. It has a high-waisted pencil skirt and a really cute jacket. This is forming the base of my TYL!Chrome cosplay that I'll be doing at SugoiCon in November. I'm still looking for an indigo shirt though.

3. Cooking Tuscan Style Pot Roast in my slow cooker now. The house smells like Italy.

4. I went out with Erin yesterday. We had dinner at Curry House (love me some Indian cuisine) and they were playing Indian music videos on the T.V. there. If you've never seen and Indian music video it's hilarious. There's lots of Group!Dancing and bad 80s clothes. And usually a white person or two for some strange reason.

5. It's Labor Day! Which means no classes! Yeah! But wait, all I have on Monday is Art History. WHY CAN'T LABOR DAY BE ON A TUESDAY?

6. I HAVE MANAGED TO DO NOTHING CREATIVE FOR LIKE A WEEK! note to self: get off lazy ass and write/draw/design something.

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Tomorrow I get to wake up at about 6:30 in the morning to go take care of a pair of twin boys for 8 hours. Actually I love these boys, they're really sweet, I just don't want to wake up at 6:30 ;_; Afterwards I can't go home and take a nap because I have to go to my dad's office. He teaches a class every year at the university I go to. When students complete the class they're supposed to get certificates, except my dad doesn't know how to make them. Whenever my dad doesn't know how to do something he makes me do it. Usually I just end up make powerpoints for all these conferences he goes to, but this is cool too I guess. I'll probably make him buy me something to eat at the 'Ho. (The Tolly 'Ho is the local campus dive-dinner, the food is fantastic and cheap).

In other news:
My hand is FUCKING KILLING ME. I banged my hand against the side of a door really hard earlier today. I don't think it's broken but I'm pretty sure I bruised the bone. ugh.

To my f-list -

I'm Cosplaying as TYL!Chrome in a couple months and I currently have two choices about hair:
1. I buy a wig, which costs more and I'm unsure how it would look, plus all the wigs are really purple.
2. I die my hair purple. My hair is already really dark so mostly it would just come out a really dark purple. My hair's already long and my bangs are pretty much like her's already, I'd just have to part it different.

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The two characters I plan on cosplaying as soon. Just a list so I can keep track of what I need to purchase.

Adult Reborn
-Fedora (+Ribbon)
-Suit Coat
-Yellow Shirt
-Suit Pants
-Black Tie
-Model Gun

TYL Chrome
-Wig Hair Dye
-Suit Coat
-Suit Skirt
-Indigo Shirt
-Eyepatch (making)
-Mist Ring (ordered, please arrive soon!)
-Trident (not this time, but soon)

Jeeze, I have a lot to get/make.


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