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|| I should be doing my term paper on Hokusai, but instead I am procrastinating! Fuck yeah!

|| Halloween! I passed out candy BUT WE RAN OUT 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE END OF TRICK OR TREATING! I BOUGHT OVER 300 PIECES. And now there is no left over candy :C

|| Suggest Tumblr blogs for me to follow. I'm starting to get the hang of tumblr but would like more to explore. Ya'll know what's relevant to my interests, lol.

|| So I ended up spending 120 dollars on a new radio for my car, which suuucksss, but it does sound awesome, so yay?

|| SugoiCon this weekend. I'M REALLY NOT PREPARED.

|| Hawaii Five-0 tonight was pretty good but my dislike for Lori has only solidified. I think it's a combination of poor writing and poor acting, which basically just means there is nothing to redeem her at all.

|| There was something else. I know there was something else, but now I can't think of it, grrr.

|| Okay, I might have had a bit of that Halloween candy myself, and then some soda to wash it down. I FEEL SO HYPER!


Jun. 3rd, 2011 06:33 pm
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So sorry I haven't posted in so long! But I come baring excuses reasons:

1. On the way home from Mamaw's someone stole my wallet out of my car at a shell station in Tennesee. SOMEONE STOLE MY FUCKING WALLET! Everything just gone! 100 dollars cash, all my credit cards, my debit card, my id, my uni id, everything.

2. So I've been trying to replace all of it and in the meantime all I can do is bum my mother's debit card whenever I need anything.

3. Hung out with Laurel before she left to start her internship. We saw Source Code which is actually really, really good. I was surprised how interesting it was. We also discussed our plans to go to New York City in August (which will be incredibly, awfully hot but is the only time we both have free).

4. Still trying to work things out at Ashland for my internship. The wallet fiasco distracted me.

5. I am tired. Just tired. I will try to have a better post up soon.
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It's officially Oct. 25. WTF? Where did October go? Crap, crap, crap. I haven't even done the decorations for Halloween yet, usually I have a bunch up. Not to mention I haven't even started on my fic for the KHR Halloween exchange. Fuck! And SugoiCon is in less than two weeks! I need to finish my costume, and look around at hotels since the convention one is booked up. Plus with November comes a lot of work for my classes. Nooooo! I'm never taking so many paper writing centric classes again!

Also: People call and ask me to babysit, cause I am BROKE! I'm not gonna be able to buy much at the convention, *sniff*

Also II: I know I promised to have my Chrome FST up but iTunes is being a little bitch.

My life is getting away from me. I need to clean my room. (That always makes me feel better)
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I ran a lot of errands today. I had to go to the bank, the post office, the grocery store, Target, and my dad's office. I am tired. *phew*

In completely unrelated news:


It's from Anthropologie, one of my most favorite stores IN THE WORLD. Unfortunately it costs 118 dollars. *dies*

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Today me and my mom went to the mall for the first time after her knee replacement surgery. We stopped in at ALDO, because I love shoes more than food, and I bought a super cute pair of blue shoes, and that's when I saw it. There on the men's side of the store (I have different ideas about gender-appropriateness when it comes to clothes and shoes and often shop in the men's sections) was THE HAT!

THE HAT! was an excellent black fedora that fit me perfectly and looked so fantastic. I wanted THE HAT! so badly, but! I was broke because I just spent 20 dollars on a pair of (admittedly awesome) shoes. My mom had already bought me a super cute top and some make-up from Urban Decay (god I love Sephora), so I couldn't ask her since supposedly we are saving money for our vacation to Cape Cod in July (not to mention if she doesn't volunteer I don't like to ask.).

THE HAT! (which is so totally beyond perfect for my Reborn cosplay once I had a yellow ribbon) was 25 bucks, not much, except I am broke broke broke!

BUT! I babysit next Wednesday, which means Thursday I am getting THE HAT! (if they still have it) (OMG they better still have it!).

(Incidentally, I love parenthesis)


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