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|| The Wedding is over! OMG! i die

|| The wedding was beautiful and perfect, now let me explain my day to you all.

8 am - Wake Up, shower, do hair, make up, sew belt loop on dress, get dressed
9:20 - Leave, drive to church, eat a nutrigrain bar in car
9:55 - Arrive at Church
10 - Melissa and Hannah (bridesmaid and maid of honor respectively) ask if I can drive to Sabrina's mother's house to get the flower girl flowers that were left in the fridge. It's a half hour drive each way. The wedding starts at 11.
10:05 - I leave church and speed all the way across town
10:55 - I arrive back at church with flowers. First thing Erin says when I walk in the church, "About time! Where were you? I've had to do everything myself!" To which I reply that I had to go get the flowers (that are obviously in my hand). She rolls her eyes
11 - Wedding. So beautiful. I almost cried
11:30 - Leave church (again) and drive to reception site
12:00 - Find out I've been stuck with Erin and her friend (loser friend, it needs to be said) Tyler at a table. Luckily there are also two strangers I can talk to as well. I have my first glass of wine
12:30 - Sabrina and Jamil Arrive. They announce arrival of special guest that we have been told about since March. No one knows who this is except Sabrina and Jamil and their parents and Hannah. The guest? Abraham Lincoln. They brought in an impersonator. He gave a speech. It was epic.
1:00 - We eat. It was yummy. I have my second glass of wine.
1:45 - Cake. It was also yummy. I switch to coke.
2:00 - Toasts and speeches. I have my third glass of wine.
2:15 - First dance. Austen leaves to get in to Gorilla suit. Comes back as a gorilla in a tux jacket. I am not even joking. The reception gets even more epic when inflatables are thrown on to the dance floor. These include a bass, a dinosaur, a moose head, and a cooked turkey inflatables. We all proceed to act stupid and play 'Keep off the floor' with the inflatable turkey.
3:00ish - Becca and Hannah are thanking me for 'saving the wedding' or at least Sabrina's sanity that morning. I ask if Erin knew what I was doing. They say yes she did. I get pissed off. I have my fourth glass of wine.
3:10ish - I find Erin complaining about me not helping her in the church that morning to Sarah, who had been late to the wedding herself helping to set up the reception area and decorate the wedding cake. I snap at Erin "I was getting the flowers. You know that. It was thirty minutes to Dr. Lawler's house and then thirty minutes back! I managed to do it in 50, counting the time it took to find the flowers in the house!. I was there at 9:55, you didn't show up until 10:20, 20 minutes later than Sabrina asked you and you've been complaining about not getting to sleep in on a Saturday, so please stop acting so put upon and lying to people!" Erin gets pissy and storms off. Sarah rolls her eyes and asks me if I'm okay and says not to take Erin seriously because they all know I've done a lot more for Sabrina and for the wedding than Erin has.
3:20ish - I switch to water and then dance with Austen (still in the gorilla suit), and Daisuke (who's wearing a yukata). Erin glares at me cause Daisuke is her ex. (which might be why I danced with him)
3:40ish - Seth, Chase, and Austen seranade Sabrina and Jamil to the tune of 80's pop hit, that I can not for the life of me remember now.
3:50 - Bouqet gets tossed. Everyone unmarried (male, female, divorced, widowed whatever) has to try and catch as per Sabrina's order. Jamil's dad catches it.
4 - I leave to go home.

||In short, it was pretty much the greatest wedding I've ever been to. Erin and her self-centeredness non-withstanding. I don't know what the hell Erin's problems are but she's been getting worse and worse. Everyone has noticed. Sabrina said at her bachelorette's party that she wished she hadn't made Erin an usher and had made Sarah one instead. All Erin cares about is herself. She had the audacity to snap at Sabrina at Sabrina's reception for telling someone that Erin was vegan. She was telling Jamil's dad, who is also vegan. Erin said that Sabrina shouldn't be telling her business.

||Ugh. I've already started distancing myself from Erin because it's just not worth it anymore. I kind of can't wait for her to be gone.

|| Now, art! I haven't drawn in ages but I doodled these two things while waiting for my mom one day. They aren't very good and I drew them in a tiny 4 inch by 2 inch note book and then took photos with my phone, but still, ART!
Cut for your convience )

|| Finally, I have a new mix up at [ profile] robbing_banks. It's a mix for Moriarty from Sherlock BBC.
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Sorry this is kinda late, I was getting over a hangover. New Year's Eve parties are best with alcohol, haha.

My Resolutions:
1. Give up Soda
2. Take medication regularly
3. Do better in school (meaning don't sabotaoge myself halfway through the semester)

What are your resolutions?
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The past three days I've barely been home.

Monday - Me and my Mom went shopping then to the chiropractor then I went out to eat with Erin and then me and Erin went shopping
Tuesday - 7 hours shopping with my Mom, 7 hours, 13 stores
Wednesday - Me and Daddy went shopping for Mom, then hair cut, then ice skating and dinner with Laurel (It was half price bottle of wine day at Sutton's, wohoo!). When I got home me and Mom wrapped some things.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina (also known as No-Man's Land). I haven't packed. I need to clean my room some. My iPod needs charging. What the hell am I doing?!?!?! And I'm sooooo tired. I got to bed at like 2 this morning and then got up at 9 to go shopping with Daddy. (And yes, I really do call my father Daddy, it's a southern thing (I also sometimes refer to my mom as Mama))

Still we did get really good gifts with all that shopping, which is good. And I got some pretty cute new clothes.

Anyways, I won't be back until the 28th soooo....

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Sorry I haven't updated before now (except that one drunk post, sorry to my f-list for that, haha). So much has gone on this week.

1. School started back, and my classes are amazing! However I'll have about 100-150 pages a week of reading altogether and I have 21 papers for a total of about 90 pages this semester. Luckily I kick ass at papers. This does however mean I might not being doing much recreational writing.

2. Due to my crazy workload for school I've decided not to get a job and just babysit for extra cash.

3. I won a contest for two free tickets to the Maroon 5 concert, a very popular American band. The concert was amazing. Miggs, V.V. Brown, and Kris Allen were the opening acts and they were all so good. I took my best friend to the concert because her 21st birthday was friday.

4. Friday night was excellent, but I do not have pictures :( my friend in charge of photos for the night forgot her camera (she sucks). I had six drinks and got very drunk. I also got a terrible blister on my toe from my awesome shoes, it hurts~ We went to a place called Cheapside for dinner, where I ended up consuming half the drinks bought for Erin (the birthday girl). After that we went to a club called The Soundbar. It's a gay club but there's a lot of straight people too. We danced and drink some more and then (cause we were all drunk except Laurel) we collasped on some couches to try and sober up. I ended up posting that strange entry, plus I texted two people and I posted a bunch of funny things on facebook. I guess it's not always good that my cell phone gets the internet. We shut the place down around 3 in the morning and I ended up staying at Erin's place cause it was only 2 minutes away and my house was about 25.

5. Through some sort of miracle I got out of Jury Duty. They said the trial I had been called for had been settled.

This has been one of the greatest weeks ever.

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Parties great but I'm drunk.

Post from mobile portal
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It's the start of the semester in approx. 8 and a 1/2 hours. Unfortunately I only have one class on MWF, and it's at 9 in the morning but it's History of Asian Art, so it should be fun, except the first day of classes is just the handing out of the syllabus most times, and usually only lasts 20 minutes. So I'll drive 20 into campus, be in class 20 minutes, and then drive 20 minutes home, ha ha.

That kinda sucks, actually.

But I have three classes Thursday, all of which I'm really looking forward to. Of course things don't start getting fun until next week but whatever.

And then Friday night's gonna be real fun. My best friend Erin is turning 21, so me, her, Laurel (our other best friend), plus 10 of our other friends are gonna tear up the town! (note to self: don't take pills that day) I have a totally bitching outfit that I've never before had a chance to wear and shoes that will kill my feet but look killer. It should be a fun night (hopefully I don't break an ankle falling off my shoes)(I'm notoriously clumsy, and alcohol excerbates matters). I'll totally post a picture of me in my outfit.

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Me and Laurel went to a dueling piano bar tonight because Laurel has to write about it in the newpaper she's interning at. The bar was fun but after one cocktail and one guinness I was feeling ridiculously tipsy. Not a good thing when you're wearing five inch heels. Usually I can hold more than that, so I was confused.

Later when I got home I looked at my medication. Apparently they both have a side effect that causes dizziness, which I usually only experiance if I take the medication on an empty stomach. Alcohol compounds this effect greatly.

Basically I shouldn't drink much after taking my pills.

Also: The ad on my screen is one of those public service ones saying 'Buzzed driving is drunk driving'. Ironic, right?


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