Aug. 3rd, 2011

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|| So I went to see Cowboys & Aliens as well as Bridesmaids at a drive in theatre the other night. It was my first time to a drive in and I liked it for these reasons:

1. It's cheap. 5 dollars to see two movies!
2. You can sneak in you're own drinks/food. Meaning we snuck in booze.
3. You can talk during the movie. I am notoriously bad about this, and so is Erin (who I went to the theatre with).

Now my mini reviews, that endeavor not to give anything away:

Cowboys & Aliens
Really quite good! I was surprised how much I liked this movie. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were perfect in their roles, obviously, but the supporting cast was equally good. The movie is very engaging right from the beginning. You're on the edge of your seat wanting to know what's going to happen. There are quite a few surprising moments or plot points that you just have to go 'I did not see that one coming'. You really start to care for the characters, which is nice, and it's very easy to hate the aliens, which is always important for me. I like clearly defined bad guys.

Good movie. Not really at all like the previews, they never make it to Vegas like they imply in the ads for it. There were a few parts I could have done without. I think they could have cut back on language and grossness and have made just as fulfilling a movie rated PG-13. Overall though you like the man character and root for her, and it is funny.

Otherwise in life:

|| Lots of paperwork to fill out for the insurance people, and the retirement committee I'm suppose to get a stipend from. I can't even finish it because I need to go see my doctor and my banker for more information, annoying!

|| Finally have the big details of the New York trip settled. Got the Hostel, the train tickets, and a City Pass.


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