Jul. 1st, 2011

Vacay time!

Jul. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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// Leaving today for vacation! We'll be heading up to the Adirondacks and Lake George then we'll be going to Cape Cod. We won't be back until the 17th.

// The house does not have internet unfortunately. However I will have my Smart Phone with me and it does get the internet. LJ is actually pretty easy to use on my phone so I'll still be around, maybe.

// Non-Vacation News: Since Sabrina couldn't make it to my party we went out for dinner at out favorite Indian place, where she insisted on paying and we went through a whole ordeal when the check came. Before that I went to her house to buy some Depression Glass that she had. She collects the stuff but she said she had way too much of it so she was selling some. It's very pretty. I bought Pink Madrid cake plates/saucers and Iridescent Normandie cake plates/saucers. We bought a large serving bowl too but Sabrina didn't know what pattern it was.

// Got a new mani/pedi done. My nails are bright blue and my toes are bright purple. I like bright colors, lol.

// I bought two new dresses! I love dresses xD

// I have officially met my goal of losing 10 pounds this summer! Now I want to try to lose 5 more before I got to New York!

// Finally got a hostel booked for New York. It took forever to find a place! Everywhere was booked it seemed! Me and Laurel decided on spending 4 full days there. We'll be gone 6 days though because the train is a full day (13-14 hours) each way.


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