Jun. 22nd, 2011

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// A lot's been going down. Let me enumerate for you. (I may be slightly tipsy.)

// Made a Catbook for my cat. Clearly my boredom is reaching epic levels. Epic.

// Finished up another mix. This one is a Steampunk inspired gen mix. So if you like wearing corsets and drinking tea you should get this mix to listen too whilst you are wearing your corsets and drinking your tea. You can get it at [livejournal.com profile] robbing_banks.

// Went to Cincy last weekend for a Red's game. They lost. And it rained. However we had a truly fabulous meal at Hofbrauhaus, which none of us could pronounce so we just started calling it Hausfrau instead. Over all it was a good night. Even when Sabrina insisted on using my phone to texts Sarah's husband that I had somehow magically gotten her pregnant with the power of German beer and my mind (or something).

// We'll be heading to the Cape in a week and a half. I always enjoy my time there. I just get really nostalgic about the place. I'd post up a picture of the house my father's family owns but I don't actually have one on this computer. It's a nice house even if it was built in 1930 and has no air conditioning.

// Because I'll be on the Cape I won't be home for my 22nd birthday, and man do I feel old. Since I won't be home I decided to have a party early. We're going to eat at a place called Asian Wind and then maybe get some fro-yo. I'd forgotten that we'd eaten there for my 18th birthday too. In the photo I have my hair is so short!

// Mom scampered off to NC. She tried to make me go too and I said no way.

// Still trying to plan out New York.

// I've lost 8 pounds!!!!


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