May. 13th, 2011

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Sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days. I've been preparing for Sabrina's Wedding and all the other stuff involved.

I found an awesome pair of gold shoes and a cute matching clutch, so outfit wise I'm all set.

I am pissed about my face though! I KEEP BREAKING OUT ON MY CHIN! Grrr. What am I? 14 again? Shit it sucks.

Sabrina is freaking out. She's so stressed out and every little thing causes her to burst in to tears. I think she's going to give herself an ulcer before tomorrow is over. Her stressing out is causing me to stress out.

Tomorrow is the wedding though so everything will be over soon. I wake up at 8 to be ready at 9 just in case Sabrina needs me for something. I'll be at the church by 10 and the ceremony starts at 11. Then we all move to the reception at a country club. That lasts until 4. I'm hoping I don't have to stay the whole time because my shoes will be killing my feet by then, haha. I'm only an usher (although my role is a lot more than a typical usher) so hopefully no one will mind if I bail out early.

I'll try to get some photos at the reception. If I remember my camera. I'll probably be freaking out so much tomorrow that I'll forget haha.


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